Iglesias croons love's language


WOMEN love Julio Iglesias.

Never was it more in evidence than in last night's concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion where the Spanish sensation crooned and wiggled his hips in a 90-minute show of impressive showmanship that prompted a stage rush that most hard rock shows at the facility don't provoke.

As the fans moved closer, bearing roses and other gifts, Iglesias kept the encore rolling while Merriweather's ushers scurried for cover.

Iglesias' vocal range may be nothing more than ordinary and he is hardly an energy machine on stage, but through his thick Spanish accent his soft-spoken English words between songs evoke a feeling of genuine warmth that isn't often found in the world of high-profile entertainers.

His latest album, "Starry Night," is his first recorded solely in English. He has spent the last seven years in America learning the language, which has given him unbelievable difficulty after mastering Portuguese, French, Italian and German while growing in Madrid.

He said last night that he now feels comfortable speaking the language, but judging from his slight hesitancy with words and his sometimes awkward phrasing within the few English songs he performed -- even the hits like "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" and "All Of You" -- he has quite a way to go.

But to the crowd of more than 6,000, many of them of Hispanic descent, it was the Spanish and the Spanish songs that they came to hear.

When Iglesias wasn't offering those or Italian songs ("Non Dimenticare") or Portuguese songs ("Brazil") or songs from his -- new album like "Mona Lisa" and "If You Go Away," he was telling humorous stories of love, lust and old jokes in English.

"I used to have lots of women, too many women," Iglesias told the crowd. "But not any more. Don't believe all of the magazines. Since I turned 20, my sex life is here on stage. It last two hours, which is perfect for me."

And perfect for his bevy of fans.

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