How to file a claim for vaccine injury


A claim for compensation under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986 can be made to the U.S. government by any person with a vaccine-related injury or by that person's parent, guardian or trustee.

The petition must contain complete medical records and sworn statements to support the claim. According to officials at the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, claimants do not need to be represented by an attorney.

Petitions regarding injuries incurred after Oct. 1, 1988, when the law took effect, must be filed within 24 months after a death and 36 months after an injury. The deadline for injuries incurred before that date expired on Jan. 31, 1991.

Claimants must file a petition with the U.S. Claims Court, 717 Madison Place, Washington, D.C., 20005. For more information, call 202-633-7257 or 800-338-2382.

To reach the National Vaccine Information Center, run by the Dissatisfied Families Together, a network of affected families, call 703-938-DPT3 in Vienna, Va.

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