Another buff wins the Trivia Quiz


GLIMPSES' Trivia Quiz buff Wayne Schaumburg had won (or been runner-up) so many times in the past that this year we asked him to draw up the quiz and disqualify himself. The result was that the winner was another veteran winner of past contests, John Lee Buckley of Baltimore.

Buckley did not answer all questions correctly -- he put Hutzler's Fountain Shop in Hochschild's, and he missed identifying "The Spitfires" (the girls' ice hockey team that played at the Sports Center on North Avenue). But Buckley's was the first postmarked entry to arrive with the most correct answers.

Runner-up this year was Charles Murphy, also of Baltimore. He was off on the Fountain Shop, too, placing it in Thomas and Thompson, and he put the Colonial Restaurant in Dickman's.

Buckley, then, is the 1991 Trivia Quiz champion -- the certificate so stating is on the way to him -- and Murphy is a close No. 2.

Here are the correct answers: The Fountain Shop, the Quixie and the Colonial Restaurant were all in Hutzler's. Gov. Harry Hughes' sport was baseball, Gov. William Donald Schaefer's was lacrosse and Mayor Kurt Schmoke's was football. The Glamour Girls and the Spitfires were girls' ice hockey teams. Vernon, Plaza, Madison, Wilkins, Tuxedo, Forest and Orleans were telephone exchanges. (Shame on some of you on that one.)

Kroner crashed into Memorial Stadium. Kerpelman jumped into fountains and Azey Foreman sat on flagpoles. Aubrey Bodine is buried in Green Mount Cemetery, "Black Aggie" haunted Druid Ridge and a streetcar operated in Loudon Cemetery. The Hasslinger family was associated with restaurants, the Blooms with night clubs and the Rappaports with movie theaters. Diagonal street-crossings were called the Barnes Dance after the late Henry Barnes, who designed the city's traffic patterns.

The State Theater was connected with vaudeville, the Metropolitan with North Avenue and the Crest with the movie "Diner." The Schellhase restaurant was connected with H.L. Mencken, the Oyster Bay with "Marlin" and the Chesapeake with the motto: "Cut your steak with fork or tear up the check."

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