Comptroller's office pressing carryouts on expanded sales tax


ANNAPOLIS -- Hey, listen up! You hot dog dealers and purveyors of assorted carryout treats: You have to start collecting sales tax. The state tax collector's office wants you to start anteing up.


If you sell food items that cost at least 20 cents but less than a dollar, or if you run a carryout business that has no seating on the premises for customers, you are now subject to the state's expanded 5 percent sales tax that went into effect June 1.

Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein's office has contacted about 30,000 businesses and trade organizations but may not have hit everyone covered by the tax.

If you're in that category, you can get a sales tax license from the state (at no cost), a sales tax rate card, and other information indicating what is taxable and what is not by calling 225-1300 in the Baltimore area or 1-800 492-1751.

Or, you can go in person to the Taxpayer Registration Assistance Center in Room 403 of the state office building at 301 W. Preston St., Baltimore.

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