The hot season has been thrust upon us early this year, making us forget it's still supposed to be spring. Children are staying outdoors more often and making use of the surrounding parks in our area. Children are not the only ones who go out when the weather gets warm. Ticks also love this hot dry weather.

Lyme Disease can be caused by deer ticks that infest wooded, brushy and tall grass areas. The insectsare black and much smaller than the regular wood tick. If bitten by this tick, a skin rash will appear and may be accompanied by flu-likesymptoms. To help keep your children safe this summer, be sure to use a tick repellent on their clothing and make frequent tick checks when your child comes in from playing.


Belle Grove Elementary School news: The school now has a total of 10 computers and another on the way, gifts from the Giant Apples program. Students from kindergarten through sixth-grade are given instruction on the computers twice a week in 30-minute sessions.

Ifyou as a parent are interested in visiting these classes, call the school at 789-8777 and request a convenient time.

All borrowed lunch money must be repaid and all lost library books or textbooks returned or paid for before the end of the school year June 13. June reportcards will not be issued to a student who has outstanding debts.

And the kindergarten orientation is from 9 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday, June 5 in the media center for parents and children.

The school's annual Field Day will be on Friday, June 7. Students should come to school dressed appropriately and ready to have some outdoor fun.


Brooklyn Park Elementary School news: Parents are reminded that any student owing money for books, lunches, materials, etc. will not receive a report card, nor will any records be forwarded to another school until the debt has been paid.

The second school-based Parent Advisory Council (PAC) recognition meeting will be tonight at 7 p.m. in the media center. Chapter 1 students will be receiving awardsfor participating in the "Partners in Learning" program. Parents andstudents in the program are urged to attend.

There will be a spring concert featuring strings, chorus and hand bells at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 4 in the school cafeteria. Come and enjoy the fine musicprovided by the children.

A special event has been planned to help students discover the joys of reading.

A Reading Slumber Party for fifth grade students will be held from 7 p.m. on Friday, June 7 to8:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 8.

Students must bring reading material with them that they will read throughout the night during the times designated as "Curl Up and Read" time. Other activities include Charades, Win, Lose or Draw, Password, aerobic exercise, a sing-a-long, ghost stories and a bedtime story.

The students will then sleep inthe media center and have breakfast the next morning. They will leave the school at 8:30 a.m.


Brooklyn Park/Lindale Middle JuniorHigh School news: All money obligations to the school must be paid before that student will receive a report card. Since all final reportcards are mailed directly to the students' home, please be sure thatthe guidance office has the current mailing address. The week of June 11 through June 13 will be second semester testing days.

On these days, the school will open approximately two hours and 15 minutes late. Students will be dismissed at the regularly scheduled time on testing days.


Park Elementary School news: Congratulations to Gerry Collinson who received a pin in recognition for her more than 20years of service to students in the Chapter 1 Program.


NorthCounty High School news: All financial obligations must be met before any student will receive a report card or have his/her records forwarded to another school.

Final exams will be give on June 11, June12 and June 13. On these three days, the school will open two hours and 15 minutes late. There will be no breakfast or lunch served on these days, but students will be allowed to bring a snack to their second scheduled exam each day.

Make-up exams will be given on Friday,June 14 and Monday, June 17 to those students with a legal absence on exam days. Seniors will be celebrating the end of the year with their Senior Prom on Wednesday, June 5 at Michael's Eighth Avenue, Glen Burnie.

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