Losing the ball is penalty enough"The Golf...


Losing the ball is penalty enough

"The Golf Hall of Shame" tells of some courses you play at your own risk. A sampling from the book:

At a course in Uganda, a rule states: "If a ball comes to rest in the dangerous proximity of a crocodile, another ball may be dropped."

A rule at a course in Page, Ariz., stipulates: "If your ball lands within a club's length of a rattlesnake, you're allowed to move the ball."

And at a country club in Sudan, golfers must yield right of way to camel trains.

Weep not for Parcells

Bill Parcells, who walked away from a lucrative job as coach of the NFL's New York Giants, reportedly has been deluged with offers worth millions of dollars.

"The day Bill announced his retirement, we had 50 phone calls from people wanting to make deals with him," agent Robert Fraley told The Boston Globe. "Later, the number of opportunities for him was closer to 100.

"I won't say he has reached Orel Hershiser proportions yet," added Fraley, who represented the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher after the 1988 World Series, "but it's close."

Send his ring air mail

Randy Gilhen's only place in Pittsburgh might be on supermarket shelves.

On the day he got his picture taken for use on a Wheaties cereal box as a member of the Stanley Cup champion Penguins, Gilhen became a member of the Minnesota North Stars, whom Pittsburgh just had finished beating for the Cup.

Gilhen, 27, was one of 17 players left unprotected by Pittsburgh for the NHL expansion draft, held on behalf of the incoming San Jose Sharks and the North Stars.

The quote

Pitcher Nolan Ryan, asked if he was caught up in any superstitions during the Texas Rangers' recent 14-game winning streak: "Superstitions are a sign of a weakness of the mind."

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