An Ellicott City woman took the winning trophy in the High Flyin' Senior bowling tournament at Brunswick Normandy lanes.

The tournament bowlers were drawn from the ranks of the Club 55 Senior Bowling league that meets each Thursday morning.

Winners in the May 16 stepladder tourney were retirees Carole Coleman, first place; Ed Hanko of Clarksville, second place; Hugh Lovettof Ellicott City, third place; and Elizabeth Schaeffer of Ellicott City, fourth place.

Coleman, who bowled off-and-on for about 40 years, became a regular bowler four years ago. She averages 113 and has a high game of 177. Schaeffer, bowling for about a decade, carries a 124 average and has a high series of 497. But she had an off game (108) in the first match of the stepladder finals and lost to Coleman (131).

Coleman advanced to bowl against second-seeded Lovett, who carries a 153 average with a high game of 251 and a high set of 610. Lovett started, as many Baltimore area bowlers do, with duckpins and about 15 years ago switched to tenpins. He says his new 12-pound bowling ball is what got him into the finals.

But Coleman beat Lovett, 167-137. That win brought her up against first-seeded Hanko. He's got a 158 average with a high set of 548. His wife, Rita, averages 82 andbowls with him in the Club 55 league.

But Hanko's 149 final game was just a little short; Coleman, with the help of her 35-pin handicap, shot a 158 game to become the 1991 tournament winner.

By the way, Coleman's husband, Clifton, has a 127 average.


The day after the High Flyin' Senior Bowl event, youngsters took over Brunswick Normandy lanes for the 1991 Brunswick/M&M; Tournament of Champions.

The event has two divisions: Division I bowlers are drawn from the Bantams, 8 years-and-under, and the Preps, ages 9-11. Division II bowlers are from the Junior Varsity, ages 12-14, and the Varsity, ages 15-21. Winners in each are based on pins-over-average and receive a jacket. The Division II winner receives a $500 college scholarship award.

All the bowlers for the tournament are from the weekly pins-over-average winners in the All-Star Varsity Junior league.

Taking thetop places in the Division I stepladder event were winner Blaine Vendettuoli, 9, of Ellicott City; Adam McDonald, 9, of Eldersburg, second; and Brock Daley, 10, of Ellicott City, third.

Blaine will be inthe fifth grade at Waverly Elementary School come September. Brock attends St John's Lane Elementary School and will enter the sixth grade.

Division II's winner was Tasha Arriaga, 14, of Ellicott City, who received a $500 scholarship. She is a seventh-grader at Ellicott Mills Middle School. Runner-up Seth Mann, 14, of Ellicott City, throwsa 10-pound ball for a 120 average. He'll be in the 10th grade at Centennial High School come September. Chris Stewart, 13, of Elkridge, who carries a 145 average and throws a 12- or 14-pound ball, placed third. He'll be in the eighth grade next fall at Grace Bible Baptist School.

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