From: Rachael Horneman,

Beth Mintzer, Wendy Pahl,

Becky Woodford

Liberty Women's Varsity

Lacrosse Team


As our lacrosse season comes to an end, we, as women's lacrosse athletes at Liberty High School, would like to openly thank ourcoach, Courtney Vaughn, for the excellent season she led us through.

Additionally, we would like to boast, just a little, about our coach.

Most of us have literally witnessed the birth of women's lacrosse in this county, firsthand. We remember starting lacrosse on the JV level as freshmen who had absolutely no skills or knowledge of thegame.

There was no recreational "feeder" league to teach us the basic skills.

In only four short years, we have found ourselves competitive with some of the best teams in the state.

Vaughn is an integral part of that accomplishment. She not only taught us the basic fundamental skills but the finer points of any competition: the importance of teamwork and fair play.

Our record is a reflection of herefforts:

* She has led us to the county championship for the second year in a row.

* We've gone to post-season tournaments three ofthe last four years.

* Two of our three losses this year were against ranked teams (Catonsville and St. Mary's).

She was instrumental, along with assistant coach, GiGi Jones, in the establishment of the instructional Freedom District Optimist girls lacrosse program last year.

The Optimist program was created for elementary and middleschool girls to teach the basic skills and rules of women's lacrosse. The girls involved in this program are athletes who are attending or eventually will attend South Carroll, Westminster and Liberty High School.

Vaughn is not only concerned with Liberty High School's women's lacrosse program.

She is interested in advancing the play ofwomen's lacrosse throughout the county.

She is the jewel in Liberty High School's county women's lacrosse crown.

We are extremely proud to have been coached by her.

We are confident of our skills, but most lasting is the impression of teamwork and contribution that she has imparted to us.

Many of us will take those skills on to college and, hopefully, be a contributing member to any sport in which we compete.

Vaughn is not just Liberty High School's pride; she's an asset to the entire county lacrosse program.

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