From: Martin F. Schmidt Jr.


To: Donald I. Dell


County Commissioners

This letter is to comment on plans for trash dumping fees and recycling efforts.

I strongly support efforts to encourage, and eventually require, recycling of all material possible in Carroll County and the rest of the United States.

I also feel that those who are contributing material to landfills should pay the full cost of those landfills, and if those costs are going up (and they probably are), then people should pay more.

An economic reason to reduce the amount of garbage they create will hopefully be a good motivator.

However, I do not feel that a per-house landfill fee assessment as part of the property tax is the proper way to proceed. This is because if each household must automatically pay the fee, they have no incentive to reduce their trash by recycling.

Personally, I now recycle so much of my "trash" that I have little left to go to the landfill; so little, that I expect to soon tell the company that picks up my trash to stop coming. I will then have to make periodic trips to the landfill myself, and pay the carload fee, but that will be far less money than having the trash picked up.

So, I will have saved money due to my recycling -- but if I am assessed a fee with my property tax, my savings are gone, and the economic benefits of recycling are lost.

In short, Ifeel you should continue to have the fee collected by the garbage collectors themselves -- then whoever sends material to the landfill pays for it. Then encourage the collectors to charge homes and businesses by the amount of garbage they produce, to give people a reason to work on recycling and reducing their amount of trash by choosing products which create less waste.

I also would support improvements tothe county's recycling effort: hopefully we can get more drop-off places, but particularly, they need to expand the materials they take.

For example, places need to accept all paper, including magazines,junk mail and cardboard; at present, I have to take my refuse of this type to the Owings Mills recycling drop-off (where, perhaps, Baltimore County gets "credit" for it).

Ultimately, of course, I would like to have curbside recycling; please tell the garbage collectors ofthe county that they need to turn their profession into recycling collection as soon as possible.

Thanks for your attention and work.


From: County Commissioners


To: Martin Schmidt


The Board has reviewed your recent letter concerning solid waste disposal facility recycling.

Our present plan is tomaintain the current level of the solid waste disposal fee and to study ways to fund the solid waste management program in the upcoming years.

A major component of the solid waste disposal program will be recycling. We presently have a number of staff and interested citizens working on a recycling plan for Carroll County.

Our goal is tomaximize recycling efforts to the greatest extent possible. However,recycling is expensive and we must find a way to both encourage recycling and also to pay for it.

Any suggestions which you may have in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

We hope that we have adequately responded to your inquiries: however, should you desire further clarification, please feel free to contact us.


From: Rosemary Hanger


League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters of Carroll County is concerned that the planned re-organization of the Department of Natural Resources appearsto signal less of a commitment to environmental protection.

This department has done excellent work in the past. It has a water protection program that is used as a model around the nation by the Environmental Protection Agency.

In recycling, too, a good public momentum is in progress. This needs to be maintained and increased if we areto reach the state mandate of recycling a minimum of 15 percent of the waste stream by 1994.

It is important to have funding in place and to be prepared to apply for any matching grants that may become available from public or private sources.

In all areas, it is much more cost-effective to protect and preserve the environment than to restore quality once it has been lost. A healthy environment is too important to suffer from a lack of coordination of services provided.

It is even more vital to ensure that the fragmentation of the Department of Natural Resources does not lead to the elimination of any ofits programs.


From: Paul Smith

Memorial Day Committee


The Memorial Day Committee is most appreciative of the coverage given to the 124th annual Memorial Day exercises held this date (May 27).

Sharon Hornberger's column of May 19 was a delight for me to be so interviewed.

The success of this observance has many ingredients -- talented musicians, dedicated veterans' organizations, service clubs who care about the community, civic groups who are truly proud of their neighbors, and talented individuals who share their special skills.

I have been informed by members of the committee that attendance (along the parade route and at the cemetery) appears to have been larger than previous years.

Thanks for contributing to the success of this event.


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