From: David C. Williams


Greater Pasadena Council

In 1990, I had two Bt sprayings (one state and one private) and subsequently killed 11,000 gypsy moth caterpillars on 36 trees.

This year, after scraping every egg mass that I could find, I had two Demilin sprayings (again, one state and oneprivate) and every gypsy moth caterpillar on my property has died. Believe me, it does pay to attack these critters in order to save yourtrees.


From: Bob Duckworth

Candidate, 4th District

Over the past several decades, the tax-and-spend Congress has ballooned federal liabilities for taxpayers faster than incomes have grown.

In addition to current taxes, which strip away morethan 40 percent of each person's purchasing power, we face contingent tax liabilities in the form of federal

guarantees far larger than our incomes. As taxpayers, we are liable for $6.2 trillion in federal guarantees of deposits, pension and loans (our GNP is $5.6 trillion).

We are liable for federal guarantees in World Bank and Export-Import Bank loans, private pension plans, insured commercial bank deposits, student loans, small business loans, FHA and VA mortgages, farm credit -- as well as defaulting insured Savings and Loan associations.

So far, we the taxpayers will pay more than $500 billion in S & L defaults, and it could well go higher. The federal government expects $225 billion to $350 billion in additional taxpayer losses over the next five years in failed commercial bank loans, insured S & L deposits and export-import, student and farmer's home loans.

Given this escalating debt, the tax-and-spend, one-party Congress, includingour congressional representative, want to sock it to the taxpayer once again. Under the deceptive misnomer of Working Family Tax Relief Act, these representatives are looking for more tax revenue rather than reducing spending as the budget "domestic agenda" solution.

American families need bold tax relief like increasing personal exemptions, a flat-rate tax or even a reduction in payroll taxes which can addpurchasing power and stimulate the economy. We don't need phoney, short-sighted, divisive income redistribution schemes. We need -- and our U.S. government liabilities require -- tax proposals aimed at stimulating economic growth, encouraging savings, expanding investments.

Only a growing economy will save taxpayers from the enormous government liabilities of $6.2 trillion. It cannot be met with an economicshrinking from ever-more taxes.


From: Steven L. Layfinson


I was appalled at the political cartoon in the (May 26) edition of your newspaper(?) that portrays Councilwoman Evans as a stick-fetcher for (County Executive Robert R.) Neall.

There is no more independent a thinker on the Anne Arundel County Council than Mrs. Evans. In fact, a thinker of any type on the council is quite refreshing.

Where was your poison pen when this county was enduring eight years of Snow Whitehizer and the Seven Dwarfs?

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