Firefighters sealed a leaking chlorine gas tank Friday three hours after the leak was detected by an employee at a county water-treatmentplant near Annapolis.

The operator of the Broad Creek Water Treatment Plant off Riva Road found a minor leak in a 150-pound gas cylinder about 1 p.m. and notified the Fire Department, Department of Utilities spokesman Jody Vollmar said.

Thirty-five firefighters were sent to the plant, fire department spokesman Capt. Gary Sheckells said.

By shortly after 4 p.m., theyhad encased the leaking tank, dissipated the chlorine gas that had accumulated inside the storage area and handed the tank over to its owner, Delta Chemical Co.

The Broad Creek plant, which purifies 2.9 million gallons of drinking water each day, is adjacent to the HealthDepartment on Harry S. Truman Parkway.

The plant uses chlorine todisinfect the water. Chlorine can be hazardous to humans in high concentrations.

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