Editor's note: In the May 26 edition of The Harford County Sun readers were asked if they believed James Fielder, the recently appointed county director of economic development, should have disclosed to theCounty Council and public during the interview process that he has more than $200,000 in liens filed against him in court. Here are some of the responses received to date.


From: W. King Smith

Bel Air

Unless there are specific requirements by the county for such disclosures, I believe this is strictly a private matter that does not affect James Fielder's integrity or ability to do his job.


From: J. Coleman


The County Council would be in error to dismiss James Fielder because of his failed business deal. Neither Fielder nor County Executive Eileen R. Rehrmann are obligated to report legitimate personal or business losses unrelated to their positions in the county government. The county faces no liability from personal debt resulting from a depressed economy that we are all subject to.


From: Linda Winer

Bel Air

It is, indeed, sad to have as head of our economic development a man who cannot manage his own finances,but then again what is more reflective of the way we run the government at all levels.

There is great humor here, folks.


From: Charles H. Walker Jr.

Bel Air

Per your request for comments on your article in the May 26 Harford County Sun, "Official target of liens," concerning James D. Fielder Jr.'s or "J.M." (your reporter seemed to be unsure) business transaction, I submit thefollowing:

* It's a misleading report in that it tries to tie in a business deal that took place approximately a year-and-a-half ago -- long before Fielder was in any way connected to local politics -- with the current council's attempt to discredit County Executive Eileen M. Rehrmann's administration.

* Councilwoman Joanne Parrott's personal vendetta for Fielder is again revealed by her claim that Fielder's not discussing this priorbusiness transaction with the County Council at the time of his confirmation as director of economic development was something of a shady nature and such action indicated a lackof integrity on the part of Fielder.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as the transaction is legal and normal in the business world. There is nothing unethical about such a transaction, and now itis up to the courts to decide who is responsible for repayment of the existing loan.

* In view of the above, I feel that Fielder should not resign nor that Rehrmann should ask for his resignation. Let the man do his job without all the dirty political in-fighting.

I further feel that the editor of The Sun should publicly apologize for letting such a poorly documented article with its unflattering innuendoes toward Fielder be published in his prestigious newspaper.

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