* The Atlanta Braves just enjoyed their...


* The Atlanta Braves just enjoyed their first winning month since August 1987, but not 1 player still on the team could remember those halcyon days. The stretch of 22 straight losing months is the fifth longest in major-league history.

* The Tigers' Frank Tanana pitched a shutout in the inaugura game at the new Comiskey Park in April. But in his 7 starts since then, he has pitched 33 1/3 innings, given up 11 HRs and run up a 6.75 ERA.

* Red Sox starters had the best combined ERA in the AL las year, but they have fallen on some hard times. In the 15 starts before Friday night's game against the Orioles, Boston starters were a combined 6-9 with a 8.14 ERA. Take away the 2 shutouts pitched during that span and the ERA was 10.97.

* Detroit slugger Rob Deer has 12 HRs and only 12 singles. By comparison, the other 2 guys with 12 homers -- Cal Ripken and Dave Henderson -- have 38 and 33 singles, respectively.

* Sam Horn has 20 HRs and 62 RBI since he joined the Orioles last year, though he has just 337 major-league at-bats with the club. He has 17 RBI this year on 20 hits.

* The Astros have not won a game on Tuesday this year. Note t reader: If you already knew this, you are in serious need of a life.

* White Sox fans love their new stadium. Through 18 hom dates, they had drawn 600,183 to the new Comiskey Park, more than twice what they drew in their first 18 home games last year (243,740). At this pace, they would draw about 2.7 million for the year. If they remain in the pennant race, 3 million is not out of the question.

* Though the Rangers recently became only the 19th AL team t win 14 games or more in succession, they have not had a complete game since Nolan Ryan's seventh no-hitter, May 1, a week before the winning streak started.

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