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Around the house* Keep large quantities of...


Around the house

* Keep large quantities of beverages cold for parties. Cut the tops off empty plastic 1-liter bottles and fill two-thirds with water. Freeze until solid. Remove from freezer and run water on outside of container until ice slides out easily into serving bowl.

* Prevent spills on kitchen floor caused by pets tipping their food and water dishes. Place carpet tiles under the dishes to absorb ** spills and to prevent dishes from sliding. Stains can be removed by sponging.

* When painting trim around windows, apply a wet strip of newspaper on window next to trim. When the paper is dry, it can be peeled off easily.

* Make an odorless oven cleaner. Mix up a paste of water, baking soda and a few squirts of dishwashing soap. Before applying paste, sprinkle water over bottom of oven; apply paste onto grime; spray water on top of mixture to keep moist; let sit overnight before removing. Be sure to remove all residue after cleaning up grease.

* Prevent red stains in plastic food containers. Coat insides with vegetable oil before storing tomato sauce.

In the garden

* Move houseplants to a shady spot outdoors. Humidity and increased air circulation will rejuvenate them. Water frequently during hot, dry days and inspect regularly for insects.

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