Violence leaves 3 people dead in Baltimore


Three people met violent deaths early yesterday in Baltimore, two of them in shootings, the third during an apparent domestic argument.

Jeffrey Allen, 24, of the 2000 block of Walbrook Avenue, was playing a basketball game with several men on a playground near the 2100 block of Herbert Street when two men walked up and started firing at 12:13 a.m. Mr. Allen, who was hit several times, stumbled into the nearby home of Romanda Wallace and collapsed.

Ms. Wallace, 20, of the 2100 block of Herbert Street, was sitting on her house's steps with her daughter at the time of the shooting. A stray bullet hit Ms. Wallace in the left knee. Both Ms. Wallace and Mr. Allen were taken to University Hospital, where Mr. Allen died. Ms. Wallace was held for observation.

Nearly two hours after Mr. Allen was shot, police found 20-year-old Dante Powell lying face down in the 500 block of Yale Avenue in Southwest Baltimore. Mr. Powell had been shot in the head and back. As an officer approached, he found 57 bags of crack cocaine and heard Mr. Powell moaning for water.

When the officer turned Mr. Powell over, he saw that the victim still held a fully-loaded MAC-11 machine pistol. The gun had not been fired. Mr. Powell, who lived in the 6800 block of Townbrook Drive, was taken to University Hospital, where he died at 7 a.m.

On the other side of town, in the 2300 block of East Biddle Street, 21-year-old Katherine Brooks died of apparent suffocation at 6:40 a.m. Police went to her home to investigate a call about a domestic argument.

Timothy Aaron Scott, 23, of the 800 block of Kenwood Avenue was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, according to police.

Police have no suspects in the murders of Mr. Allen or Mr. Powell.

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