From: George L. Greenwood

Glen Burnie

A few months back I commented in a letter about the local politicians seeking another term in office and the fringe benefits that are part of the office.

In my letter I urged young people to seek those jobs, because private industry could never match the benefits.

Baltimore County offers a pension after one term of four years on the County Council. Our state officials tour Europe and other areas at taxpayers' expense.

In many cases you will have the use of an automobile -- at no cost to you to operate. You will be in a position to raise your salary with the cooperation of your fellow members of the County Council!

You will be able to buy land sold with the possibility of a road being built and increasing the value.

The old quote, "Go west young man," I would change to, "Get into politics."

I have never heard of a political job-holder suffering from any waiting inline at the Welfare Center!


From: Martha C.Buecke


I don't know how much effect this letter willhave, but I do hope you take the time to read it.

As I have listened to all the coverage that the Preakness Parade and others receive from the newspapers, radio and television (whichI think is great), I think of how little coverage that the "I Am An American Day Parade" received. It's as though no one is interested in this parade as they are in the others.

Although the Preakness Day Parade, as well as the St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving Day Parade, etc., have been around for years, so has the "I Am An American Day Parade."

Has the public forgotten what this parade signifies? It gives thanks to all of themen and women who fought and died for our country and how proud we are to be an American.

Is no one interested in donating his or her time or money to make this parade as successful as the other parades?Or will this parade just fade away and die?

Most people aren't aware as to how much money, time and effort are put into keeping a parade going from year to year.

It would be nice if the public as wellas the many businesses in the Baltimore area and surrounding communities would get together to help make this parade a big success.

The hotels, Realtors, restaurants, radio and television stations, etc. could group together with each of their associations to come up with an idea for a float. The different community organizations could alsodo the same.

Although our county isn't perfect, it is still better than most.

If anyone would like to make a donation, they can send their donations to:

Anthony DiPietro III

225 S. Clinton Street

Baltimore, Md. 21224

The parade is held every September around Labor Day. If you would like to donate your time to help make this parade a success, please call Joan Reitz at 325-5400 and leave a message.

Remember, this is our country and if it wasn't for our forefathers fighting for this country, we wouldn't have what we have today.So let's continue to show how proud we are to be an American.

I do hope that your organization will not only take the time to promote the "I Am An American Day Parade," but will also make this parade as successful as the many other parades.


From: Mary A. Hart

Head Coach

Broadneck women's lacrosse

Afterreading "Sidelines" in The Anne Arundel County Sun, May 19, 1991, I feel compelled to offer a response. You discussed severalissues and reached conclusions without hearing from all sides. The issues are as follows:

1. County coaches ought to give up selecting All-County teams.

2. You implied that women lacrosse coaches allowed personal grievances and conflicting personalities to cloud their judgment in selecting All-County performers.

3. You stated, "Broadneck coach, Mary Hart, simply does not bother to call in stats." You imply that I lack concern for my athletes and deprive them of an opportunity to receive a college scholarship.

I will address each issue as listed:

1. To be selected a head coach at any Anne Arundel County school, you must demonstrate your knowledge of the game, ability to teach andcommunicate to the students, and uphold the ideals, standards and objectives of the program.

Most schools require coaches to be interviewed by the principal and athletic director and to receive approval from the Board of Education before being awarded a position. Every attempt is made to hire the most qualified person available. Coaching requires time, discipline, dedication, patience, understanding, and knowledge and love of the game. We expect coaches to possess all of these traits; yet you claim that we are incapable of making the "right choice" in selecting proven performers.

2. While I can not speak for other coaches, let me make it very clear that I am fully aware of the responsibility entrusted to me in selecting the most deserving athletes for an All-County award. My experience as a high school player,as a NCAA Division I collegiate player for four years, as a two-timeconference team member, and as a three-year varsity high school coach qualifies me to identify and determine outstanding performance.

I am cognizant of the attributes needed in the coaching profession and have the utmost respect for my peers. However, I feel my philosophyin teaching and coaching the game could differ from theirs. What I determine to be skills and talent may be perceived differently by others. I believe women's lacrosse to be a team-oriented game requiring intricate passing, catching and cradling skills. These techniques, combined with speed and endurance, are the criteria that determine how Ivote.

3. As a first year-head coach, I was under the full impression that I was communicating my statistics to the legitimate media. If this was not the case, let me assure you that next year, I will follow the appropriate course.

To obtain a college scholarship much, much more is involved than submitting high school stats. Trust and credibility must be built between college and high school coaches. Recruits that I recommend for the collegiate level are players who, I feel, have the talent and ability to participate at such a competitive level and also have the desire and dedication to be positive members of any college team.

It is my opinion that college coaches make their final determination on scholarships based on the information and recommendations supplied by high school coaches who have their confidence.

Mr. O'Malley, please be assured that I am willing to spend the necessary time and effort to deserve this trust. My students and athletes are important to me; that is the reason for my chosen profession.

You also stated: "Coaches won't talk about it!"

Mr. O'Malley, I was never asked!

Editor's note: This letter was addressed to writer Patrick O'Malley


From: Mark S. Sayampanathan


I am writing to comment on an observation I made from a photograph in The Anne Arundel County Sun, Sunday, May 12, 1991 (Page 4). The article was about the local chapter of the YoungDemocrats.

It shocks me to know that such politically active people, who strive for the ideal America, are not aware of the basic information about the symbols of the state and country. I have always understood that if you have an interest in running for office or publicly supporting a candidate, you have to understand the symbols you wantto represent, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the national flag, the state flag, the State Code and the State Charter. As appalling as it may be, I think I can understand it if the average apathetic American does not know thisinformation or who their political representatives are, but this seems so out of character for a politically active Democrat or Republican.

I found that even I, and I am not a U.S. citizen, could tell that the flag flying next to the Stars and Stripes in the photograph (of the officers of the Young Democrats) was not the Maryland state flag! (If they want a lesson on what the flag should look like, I will be more than happy to give them one.) Conceptually, if charity were tobegin at home, I would hope that these Democrats will learnsomethingabout their state and their country before they try to educate me about the issues once I become eligible to vote. It is very important to know exactly whom and what they represent; blind faith and patriotism were, after all, the foundation of Nazi Germany.

I have learnedthat one of the best ways to be in touch with the issues at hand is to read the newspapers. It seems obvious that these Democrats have not done so because a little over a year ago, The Sun published an exhaustive article on what the Maryland state flag was to look like and how it was to be lawfully displayed.

As a foreign national, I am now beginning to understand why so many average Americans have such an easy time insulting foreigners and their countries; they practice treating others as theytreat themselves. In a strange way, it is hilarious to see Governor Schaefer's advocates and supporters insulting the magnificent State he represents!

Editor's note: The flag in the photo appears to match the drawing of the state flag in the Maryland Manual, the guide to state government prepared by the State Archives.

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