From The Sun May 26-June 1, 1841May...


From The Sun May 26-June 1, 1841

May 28: The St. Louis New Era of the 13th says that bloody contests are likely to arise between the Chippewa and Sioux Indians during the summer. Six of the former lately fired into a camp of the latter, killing a chief and his son.

May 29: Shipwrecks are uncommonly frequent this season -- almost every paper we receive from the Atlantic board contains some account.

From The Sun May 26-June 1, 1891

May 26: "Including young and old, white and black, those who paid and those who did not pay, the cable cars hauled 60,000 passengers on Saturday." This is what President Hambleton said yesterday.

May 30: This is Decoration Day, and once again throughout the land thousands of veterans, with mothers, widows and children of soldiers who fell in battle, will place floral tributes upon the mounds which mark the last resting places.

From The Sun May 26-June 1, 1941

May 27: Andre Maurois, French novelist and author of "Tragedy in France," will return to Baltimore June 3 to deliver a lecture in French for the benefit of French prisoners of war in German camps.

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