It's the season for movies, movies and more movies

SUMMER is one of the best seasons for the movie industry, and Hollywood is prepared for it this year. Fifty-five films are scheduled to open in the coming months compared with 37 last summer. That's good news. Another bit of good news is that there will be a great deal of variety among the titles, everything from fantasy to adventure.

Though summer doesn't officially start until June, the motion picture industry's summer schedule gets off to a good start tomorrow with six openings. Here's a quick look at the plots lined up for the coming months:





"Thelma and Louise" Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis are ladies who ride the hot country in a convertible, trying to avoid the police who are trailing them for the shooting of a rapist.

Drop Dead Fred" Phoebe Cates star is this fantasy about a young married woman who has an impish imaginary friend who only appears when the young lady is in trouble.


Action-mystery film, starring Kurt Russell and William Baldwin as brothers, is about Chicago firefighters and the search for an arsonist.

"Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" The true story of a stunt rider who performs at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City.

"Hudson Hawk" VD

Bruce Willis is a cat burglar who is forced to do one more job.

Only the Lonely" A John Hughes comedy starring John Candy as a bachelor whose romantic aspirations are dampened by a possessive mother.


MAY 31 %

"Soapdish" Comic doings behind the scenes of a television soap opera, starring Sally Field, Kevin Kline and Whoopi Goldberg.

JUNE 7 )

"Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" Mom and dad leave their five children in the care of a baby sitter, and she drops dead in this comedy.

% "City Slickers" Billy Crystal is one of three city boys who find themselves working as cowboys on what is supposed to be a vacation.

JUNE 14 &


"Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" This looks like the brightest, highest arrow of the season. Kevin Costner is the bandit who robs the rich to give to the poor.


A thriller in which a man loses his memory in a car crash. Corbin Bernsen and Tom Berenger star.

JUNE 21 (

"Dying Young" Julia Roberts stars as a young woman who provides tender, loving care for man dying of leukemia.




A young man finds a rocket cluster that allows him to fly.

JUNE 28 (

"Naked Gun 2 1/2 : The Smell of Fear" Leslie Nielsen returns as the inept Lt. Drebin who, this time, is in Washington working on a kidnapping.

"Straight Out of Brooklyn" M;

Matty Rich stars in a drama about a poor black family.


JULY 3 (

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" Arnold Schwarzenegger reappears as the murderous cyborg from outer space. The film is reported to have cost between $80 to $100 million. The first cost $6.4 million.

JULY 12 ,

"Regarding Henry" Harrison Ford is a lawyer who re-examines his life when he is debilitated by gunshot.

"Point Blank" Patrick Swayze is an FBI agents who pretends to be a surfer.

Dalmatians" Return of the Disney animated cartoon first presented in 1961.


JULY 19 )

"Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure II" The dudes are murdered by their robot clones and find themselves in hell.

"Mystery Date" Q?

A young man arranges a blind date for his younger brother.

"Radio Flyer" SA

Two boys whose mother remarries, flee to a world of fantasy.


JULY 26 (

"Life Stinks" A Mel Brooks comedy about a millionaire who insists he can live for a time without money.

"Another You" Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor are a con man and a pathological liar.

"Lame Ducks" A cabbie, a lawyer and a handyman help a woman establish a ballet company. John Turturro is in the cast.

Hot Shots" A send-up of the airplane movies of years ago. Charlie Sheen and Lloyd Bridges are in the cast.

"Journey of Hope" The Swiss film that won the Oscar as best foreign-language film last year is a story of one Turk's effort to migrate to Switzerland.


"Livin' Large" TB

A young black newscaster makes it to the top in network news.

AUG. 2 *

"Doc Hollywood" A young medical student is stranded in a small town. Michael J. Fox stars.

"Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man" A drifter and a one-time cowboy try to save a bar from foreclosure. Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson star.

"Return to the Blue Lagoon" The son of the principals in the original "Blue Lagoon," finds himself having the same adventure his parents did.




Kathleen Turner star as a tough private eye.

The Doctor" A doctor, who discovers he has cancer, learns what it is to be a patient. William Hurt stars.


A soap writer finds himself in a town inhabited by characters he has created. John Candy stars.


AUG. 9 .

"Rover Dangerfield" H6

Animated cartoon feature about a Las Vegas hound.

Double Impact" Jean-Claude Van Damme plays twins who take on the Chinese Mafia in Hong Kong.

AUG. 16 #



Life through the eyes of a dog.

AUG. 23 *

"True Identity" A black man poses as a white man when he learns that someone wants him dead. British comic Lenny Henry stars.

Suburban Commando" Hulk Hogan is an outer-space soldier who finds himself space wrecked on earth.


"Jungle Fever" is Spike Lee's newest film, one in which a black American marries and Italian-American. Wesley Snipes stars.


"The Super" stars Joe Pesci as a slumlord who must live in one of his units.

"Billy Barthgate" stars Dustin Hoffman as mobster Dutch Schultz.

"Mobsters" is about the rise of four gangsters, two Italian, two Jewish. Patrick Dempsey, Richard Grieco, Christian Slater and Costas Mandylor star.

"The Butcher's Wife" is comedy in which Demi Moore is a psychic who moves to Brooklyn.

AThat's about it for now. Keep in mind that the schedule is hardly a fast one. Some titles will be moved up, others will be moved back, new ones will be added, and some may be withdrawn and sent directly to cable. It's called show biz.