Ozone machine cleans hair


ORLANDO, Fla. Seeing is believing. So is feeling and smelling.

Hair cleansed by the new Asti Clean Machine looks, feels and smells so good that it's hard not to believe its inventor's claims that the machine is a "breakthrough" invention in the beauty industry.

The Clean Machine was developed by Margareta Loyd, founder of Asti (Advanced Salon Tectonics International), an Altamonte Springs, Fla., company that develops and manufactures hair-care products.

Through a process knows as triatomic oxygenation, the machine introduces ozone gas into water. Ozone is one of nature's most potent chemical-free purifiers.

When hair is shampooed and rinsed with this ozonated water, impurities that dull the hair and contribute to hair loss and flaky, itchy scalp conditions, are removed.

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