The 10 Best-Dressed Short Men:


Here's Bob Stern's list of "The 10 Best-Dressed Shorter Men in America."

1. Tom Cruise, actor, 5 foot 9. "Black sunglasses. Black silk shirts. He's made both national passions."

2. John H. Sununu, White House chief of staff, 5 foot 9. "All business in both politics and dress."

3. Billy Joel, singer, 5 foot 7. "Fast becoming a major fashion force. Or on the 'brinkley' of it."

4. Bart Conner, gymnast, TV analyst, 5 foot 6. "Now making ladies flip as TV sports' golden bantam all-American Beau Brummel."

5. Bob Vila, TV's home handyman, 5 foot 8. "TV's new sweater boy."

6. Michael White, mayor of Cleveland, 5 foot 7. "A rare find. A politician with a mind as sharp as his creases."

7. Robert Morse, broadway actor, 5 foot 7. "He's gone from summer schlock to sartorial splendor again."

8. Tom Wolfe, novelist, 5 foot 8. "High collars, ice cream parlor suits."

9. Michael J. Fox, actor, 5 foot 5. "Named again for charmingly going back to the future in a tux jacket and jeans."

10. Danny DeVito, actor/director, 5 foot 1. "Years ago, he looked moth-eaten. Today, though, like a social monarch butterfly."

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