Harvard Lampoon likes Laettner


The Harvard Lampoon has honored comedians such as Bill Cosby, Dudley Moore and Robin Williams as its Man of the Year, so what was it doing naming Duke basketball player Christian Laettner with its 1991 award?

"It's kind of weird. You would think they'd honor a comedian or something," Laettner said. "But they said they all watched the games and wanted to invite me to Boston. I thought it was a joke."

The ceremony honoring Laettner, on the front steps of the Lampoon's "castle," was a parody of the television show "This is Your Life."

Brian Davis, Laettner's teammate and roommate at Duke, chided the Final Four MVP.

"He couldn't score 30 points if he was locked alone in a gym for four hours," Davis joked.

Laettner, who will be a senior this fall, was Most Valuable Player in the 1991 National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament. He hit all 12 of his free throws, as the Blue Devils beat Kansas, 72-65, in the title game.

Lampoon members, who produce the nation's oldest comedy magazine, pretended to be figures from Laettner's past. One, claiming to be Laettner's grade school buddy, said, "He never could play basketball."

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