The County Council wants to take the proposed Gravel Hill Road asbestos and rubble fill out of Harford's Solid Waste Management Plan -- again.

On Tuesday a resolution was introduced in the council that would take the Gravel Hill site and another proposed rubble fill on Fort Hoyle Road out of the master plan.

The previous County Council voted in May 1990 to reverse its earlier approval of the Gravel Hill site in the solid waste plan. That vote resulted in the developer taking the council to court. A Circuit judge then ruled that the council had acted improperly when it reversed its approval. The new council appealed the ruling and the case now is before the state Court of Special Appeals.

The council has scheduled a public hearing on the new resolution for June 4 at 6 p.m. in the council chambers in Bel Air.

Council President Jeffrey D. Wilson said the resolution is based on a county law passed March 27 regulating the approval and opera

tions of rubble landfills.

"The County Council finds that removing these two sites from (the plan) until they are in compliance with all applicable zoning laws is the best method of protecting the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the county," the resolution says.

Neither the Gravel Hill site nor the Fort Hoyle site meet the law's requirement for size and distance from residential areas, according to the resolution.

The new law requires rubble landfills to be at least 100 acres in size and 1,000 feet from residential or institutional areas.

The site for the Gravel Hill rubble fill, proposed by Maryland Reclamation Associates Inc. of Churchville, sits on a 55-acre tract near Havre de Grace.

The Fort Hoyle Road rubble fill, proposed by Larry and Dorothy Stancill, is on a 78-acre site. The Stancills operate Harford Sands Inc., a sand and gravel mining company in Joppa.

Homes are located a shortdistance at both sites.

Maryland Reclamation and the Stancills would need variances to meet the new county standards, the resolution says. Maryland Reclamation and the Stancills have not applied for the variances yet.

Meanwhile, the county has sent a letter to the state Department of the Environment stating that Maryland Reclamation's site no longer meets county zoning regulations.

In addition, the council on Tuesday asked its attorney, H. Edward Andrews, to file courtmotions asking the court to stay Maryland Reclamation's suit againstthe county.

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