EDITOR'S NOTE: Rising costs, fewer state and federal dollars, and falling county revenues have pushed Carroll's deficit over $5 million, spurring immediate cutbacks, reduced work forces and, for the first time, talk of possible layoffs. The Budget Office has directed all county agencies to cut their budgets by 1 percent for fiscal 1991, whichends June 30, and by 2 percent for fiscal 1992. For the first time in more than a decade, Carroll will experience actual cuts in programs. We have been asking readers where cuts should be made, should taxesbe increased and related questions. Here are some of the replies we received:

From: Doris McGlaughlin


Every year we have to borrow money for property taxes, have to live on $100 a week.

Teachers are just filling their pockets, aren't teaching the kids.

I'd like to see all you fat cats live on a $100 week.


From: Daniel Berwager


To start with, I'm retired on a fixed income.

I've earned my keep.

To keep increasing taxes means a cut in pay for me. No way.

Cut those who are freeloading, like, you can delete half the work force I see in the courthouse. Cut teacher salaries, they are doing nothing to earn $47,000, cut to $25,000 easy.

Every time I see work forces on the highway there's always four or five supervisors standing, doing nothing. At least they could be flagmen, if they can handle it. Putprisoners to work, cleaning up the highways and ditches. They are all too comfortable.

And why do we need three commissioners?

The playgrounds I see in John Owings Landfill are not being used, yet there's always a maintenance man fooling around doing nothing. Go see for yourself, I did, you'd be surprised who is working and who's not.

The money spent on landfill cleanup is baloney.

I'd fight tooth and nail to keep taxes the same, or even lower it. I worked 40 years to retire on a meager salary, you can't add taxes to cut my salary.


From: Susan Boeh

Sandymount Elementary

Sandymount School's Super Saturday, held May 4, was a great success and a lot of fun for everyone.

We wish to extend a special thank you to Margaret Resh Tinkler, the Winchester Inn, Cockey's Tavern, Westminster Inn, Rudy's Restaurant, and Giant Foods for sponsoring our raffle.

Thank you also to the many area merchants who donated giftsand gift certificates for the auction.

PTA fund-raisers depend onthe support of the school and the community. Sandymount School is fortunate to have both. The funds generated by Super Saturday, as well as other fund-raisers, will be used to fund special programs and purchases to enrich the education of Sandymount students.

Thank you parents, students and staff for your donations and support that made Super Saturday a Super Day.


From: Cheryl G.Poklemba

Westminster Business

and Professional Association

The Westminster Business and Professional Association would like to express its sincere gratitude to you for participating in the 1991 Political Forum that was held April 30.

As you know, these are very important elections and we were happy to offer the general public the opportunity to become better acquainted with the candidates. It is our hope that this evening enabled individuals to gain an understandingof the issues at hand and to assist them in making an educated decision concerning their vote. Our association, of course, has a vested interest in the issues that pertain to downtown Westminster.

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