All right, sports fans, here comes another load of those Q's withoutA's. You regulars know that means a session of questions without answers to whet your local sports appetites.

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* With the baseball playoffs starting today, can you believe the sanctioning Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association has turned down the offer of the Anne Arundel County Umpires Association to assign three men for the price of two?

Why wouldn't the MPSSAA want to be more professional and assure a better officiated game with no additional fee to do so?


* After posting its second straightunbeaten regular season at 20-0, is Northeast going to do it this time and win the last four in a row for a state 2A baseball championship, the first for 24-year head coach Harry Lentz since 1975?

Did you know that no state public school team has ever gone 24-0? Last year's state 4A champion, Perry Hall of Baltimore County, went 20-0 and Bowie of Prince George's County was 22-0 in 1981 and 1982 during a period that included part of '83 as it reeled off a state record 54 winsin a row?

Also, did you know that no state public school has everwon more than 22 games in a baseball season? Will Northeast rewrite the record book?

* Did you know the 7-0 shutout of Broadneck last Friday by Arundel's Jeff Beard was his fourth this season, tying fourothers, including two from Arundel, for the state record?

The others with four shutouts in a season were: Bobby Boyd, Brooklyn Park (1975); Frank Parreira, Arundel (1976); Kyle Coffman, Arundel (1987); and Bobby Bianco, Chesapeake (1988).

* How about former Broadneck and Anne Arundel Community College star left-hander Brian Toronto, whois pitching for the University of Texas Longhorns and also serving as a consultant to hitters trying to break out of slumps?

Toronto was shown on the front page of the sports section in the Austin American-Statesman sitting in the dugout removing a "hex." Longhorns in slumps come to Toronto, who is best known for his major-league pickoff move but is gaining notoriety in the Lone Star State for his "finger move."

Slumping hitters give their bat to Toronto, who walks his fingers up and down the bat, wipes it and the "hex" off, then slaps theplayer's hands for good luck.


"He's 6-for-7 with it," Toronto wasquoted as saying in the Texas newspaper about teammate Kyle Moody. "All I guarantee is solid contact, not a base hit."

* How about former Brooklyn Park High All-County pitcher Steve Day saving an 8-6 winover Florida State for the nationally fourth-ranked Miami Hurricanesa week ago Sunday by getting the son of former Cincinnati Reds' starTony Perez, Eduardo Perez, to pop up with the sacks full?

In caseyou are wondering, Day is 1-0 with two saves with a 3.50 ERA for the'Canes.

* Didn't Meade High School make an excellent choice when it named senior basketball-baseball star Lance Taylor its Male Athlete of the Year?

Taylor, a member of the ninth annual Anne Arundel County Sun All-County Academic Athletic Team with a 3.50 grade-point average, also was named the Mustangs' MVP in baseball at Senior Recognition Night Wednesday.

* Didn't Anne Arundel Community College make two great picks in naming basketball star Wardell Chambers (SevernaPark grad) as its Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year and Nikki Beall (Meade grad), a soccer, basketball and softball standout, as Female Athlete of the Year?


* Aren't congratulations in order for Walt Loveless of Mayo American Legion Post No. 226, the home of the national Legion baseball champion, for being named the Anne Arundel County Legionnaire of the Year?

Loveless is not only actively involved with the Mayo Post but also gives much of his time to the local AmateurAthletic Union teams

year-round and Boys' State. He's one of those guys who too often don't get the credit they deserve because they don't seek accolades but genuinely love helping young people.

* Are you an aspiring announcer/broadcaster (Ken Levine is proof anybody can do it)? If so, give Don Brooks a call at Joe Cannon Stadium (222-6255) to audition for volunteer PA announcer. That's a great way to get started in the business for young college and high school guys with ambitions along those lines.

And look at it this way, if you don't volunteer than county Cannon Stadium employee Barry McGraw could end up behind the mike for sandlot baseball games. McGraw's only announcing experience came as a bartender at Clarke's -- "last call" and "what was that?"

* Isn't attending the big baseball card show at North County High tomorrow (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) with Lew Holmes as an auctioneer and former major-league Gold Glove first baseman Jim Spencergoing to be part of your Saturday things to do?


* If soccer coachand assistant athletic director Kevin McMullen succeeds his brother,Tim, as Broadneck High athletic director, would that all but nix thechance he could be transferred?

Last year Kevin McMullen was "excessed" by the county Board of Education, but after a school and community uproar was reassigned to Broadneck. Won't this be interesting towatch, knowing that Superintendent Larry Lorton wasn't too happy with the way the press got involved in all that a year ago?

* Was Gov. Willie Don Schaefer's visit to Annapolis High last week to present a proclamation to the Panthers' softball team for breaking a 90-game losing streak one of the most ridiculous things you've ever heard?

Can you believe such a big deal was made over futility? Do you realize the Gov didn't bother to show up for the capacity assembly for theschool's state championship basketball team last year?

With just one win to go to reach the 300 milestone in only 14 years, shouldn't Annapolis hoop coach John Brady do an about-face and go for 300 losses in a row so Willie Don will come see him and shake his hand?

Andyou're worried about this guy getting your license number or stopping by for breakfast?


What do these three great coaching minds -- Roy Brown, Ray Huff and Phil Greenfield -- have in common? Do you realize that each of those guys filled in at one time or another to keep that 90-game losing streak at Annapolis alive?

* Isn't it a shame that with a potential national championship team coming up next hoop season that Dunbar of Baltimore has turned down a lucrative offer to play at Annapolis High again?

Annapolis coach Brady said, "Pete (Pompey, head Dunbar coach) just said no. No reason, just they wouldn't be coming down to play us again, which is too bad for the fans and players. Everybody loved playing that game even though we never win it."

* Did North County football coach Chuck Markiewicz of "run-and-shoot" fame dupe nine other county coaches into helping him practice his pass patterns through the summer by organizing a pass-only touch football league? So, what are you going to try to tell me, that Andy Borland is going to throw the pigskin at Severna Park?

* With obvious countywide budget problems and the prospects of cutbacks in coaches' salaries, do you understand the reason to approve volunteer coaches (outsiders who will do it for nothing)?

* Did you know that eight junior girls lacrosse teams from the St. Mary's Annapolis Youth Group will play a season-ending tournament tomorrow beginning at 10 a.m.(last game at 2:45 p.m.) at Germantown Elementary School?


* Have you heard that Rick Murray has stepped down as chairman of the Anne Arundel County Commission on Physical Fitness because he has to spend a lot of time in Florida with his ill parents, and that Dan Andrews has been named acting chairman?

* Isn't Sunday's fifth annual Annapolis Bodybuilding Championships (proceeds to benefit local veterans of Legion Post No. 7) at noon at Annapolis High a must for those with sculptured frames and another opportunity to see Reggie Faust in his bikini for the Mr. Annapolis competition?

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