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'What About Bob?' It's awful, that's what


So, "What About Bob?"

Well, it isn't much of a film. It ranks somewhere down there with "Nothing But Trouble," a very recent mishap that made poor use of Chevy Chase, Demi Moore and Dan Aykroyd.

"What About Bob?" is a little better than "Trouble," but not that much. It is too predictable and deals with a situation that is more irritating than amusing.

To be fair, some members of the preview audience thought the film especially funny and said so. Well.

Richard Dreyfuss and Bill Murray star. It has been said that they didn't get along while making the film. Maybe they should have put some of that in the film. It had to be more interesting than what we've got on the screen.

Dreyfuss plays a psychiatrist. Murray is the neurotic who is referred to him by another psychiatrist who is all too glad to be rid of him.

When the psychiatrist and his family go on vacation, they are followed by the patient, who manages to become part of the family, to the disapproval of the psychiatrist. All the psychiatrist wants is peace and quite. All he gets is one headache after another.

You may remember the Tom and Jerry cartoons. If you do, you'll have a good idea as to what goes on through much of the film, one that moves along with no particular surprises.

Dreyfuss fumes, Murray wheedles, and Julie Hagerty, as the psychiatrist's wife, tries to placate her husband and finally does show some sense when she asks the visitor to leave their home. No such luck.

"What About Bob?" is showing at local theaters. It is very flimsy movie making.

"What About Bob?"

* A neurotic dogs his new psychiatrist, even on vacation.

CAST: Richard Dreyfuss, Bill Murray, Julie Hagerty


RATING: PG (language)

( RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes

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