Frustrated Barfield flings ball out of park HC


The New York Yankees' Jesse Barfield, apparently upset with the way the game was going, threw a ball out of Yankee Stadium in last night's 7-0 loss to California after a home run by Wally Joyner of the Angels.

"It was a culmination of me not doing the job offensively and them doing the job of kicking our butt. I was pretty frustrated," Barfield said after becoming the latest player to air his feelings with an angry throw.

Earlier this season, the Cleveland Indians' Albert Belle was suspended for a week for deliberately hitting a heckling fan in the chest with a throw from close range, and the Cincinnati Reds' Rob Dibble was suspended for four games after his throw from the pitcher's mound to the upper deck in the outfield after a game hit a woman in the elbow.

After Barfield grounded into a double play to end the fourth inning, Joyner opened the fifth with a home run to right field that put the Angels ahead, 5-0. The ball bounced back onto the field, and Barfield picked it up and heaved it over the 100-foot-high facade.

"It wasn't a smart thing to do, but I felt better after I did it," Barfield said.

The ball landed on the elevated subway tracks on River Avenue and dropped onto the street. It did not come close to hitting anyone, according to a security guard at a right-field gate, and was retrieved by a teen-age fan.

"We heard the cheer for the home run, and then another cheer," guard Adrian Gutierrez, 18, said. "We saw the ball come over the wall and heard it hit the subway tracks.

"The ball fell down, and a kid got it. No one was near where it hit," Gutierrez said.

Barfield, who was 0-for-4, is usually among the most even-tempered players in the major leagues. He also has one of the strongest throwing arms; he has led the majors in outfield assists for the past two years and has six this season.

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