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James Patterson and Peter Kim want us...


James Patterson and Peter Kim want us to believe them. They want us to believe that they managed to elicit truthful answers to personal questions, even though 91 percent of the people they surveyed admitted that they lie on a regular basis.

These two men have created quite a stir with their book, "The Day America Told The Truth: What People Really Believe About Everything That Matters."

Personally, I am inspired. If these guys can get 56 percent of the women they surveyed to admit they snoop through their husbands' wallets, anything is possible.

Therefore, I've decided to expose The 10 Biggest Fashion Lies (And The Truth Behind Them):

10. It's a great buy.

Just because it's been marked down four times doesn't make it a good deal. Maybe it was incredibly overpriced to begin with. Maybe it was simply a retail buyer's mistake. Maybe it doesn't go with anything you own and will hang in your closet unworn for many years before you can bring yourself to throw it out.

9. Men are ready to wear brighter colors and less traditional styles.

Which men? Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers have built empires betting against this notion.

Remember the three-button suit, also known as the sack suit, which supposedly was making a comeback several seasons ago? The sack suit was once the epitome of Ivy League preppiness, but when it returned to fashion's cutting edge, it flopped. I know two men who even considered buying one.

8. Hats are back.

There are people who wear hats and people who don't. Fashion whimsy will never change this.

7. Christian Lacroix.

I had planned to include on this list pouf skirts and mismatched plaids, patterns and prints. Then I realized Lacroix is to blame for all of them.

6. Tall tales

Fashion is not just for the tall, thin and rich. Maybe not, but the tall and thin will always look better than you and me in designer clothes. And only the rich can afford them.

5. Keep something long enough and it'll come back in style.

Don't fall for this. Designers may take inspiration from the styles of eras past, but they will always change the new version just enough so your old stuff looks, well, old.

4. It's affordable.

This is a relative concept. Snooty fashionoids call a $125 white shirt affordable. Real people know the location of the nearest Gap store.

3. That looks terrific on you.

Valid only if spoken by a trusted relative or friend, someone who would also tell you that frosted hair makes you look 10 years older. Completely unreliable if spoken by a salesperson on commission.

2. Black is dead.

Yeah, right. And every fashion editor in America is busy tossing out her entire wardrobe.

And the biggest fashion lie of all time is. ...

1. One size fits all.

HD Top 10 fashion lies:

Truth has been stretched too far

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