Buffing memories of the good old days


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Somehow putting your best foot forward seems to cost an awful lot these days when you consider the prices for new shoes. Especially during financially stressed times.

But now Century Shoe Repair is offering the "Remember the Good Old Days" shoeshine sale during which you can at least put a buffed foot forward -- for only $1.

In times of recession, people take far better care of their shoes than during prosperous times, says Judy Elbaum, a third-generation owner of Century Shoe, which has been located at 207 Park Ave. for more than 75 years.

"Recessions are great for us because when you have a lot odisposable income you go out and buy new shoes. When money is tight, you look at those $150 shoes and

think, 'Hmm, I like them, but that's a lot of money,' " she says.

"We'd like people to remember the old days. We want people to get away from the work world, step back into pleasant times when shoeshines really cost $1."

Soapy solutions

Did you know that your favorite knit dresses, skirts and tops can be washed in regular dish washing detergent without harm? Not only that, but according to the May issue of Consumer Reports, the cost per wash when using dish detergent can be as little as one penny -- compared to the sometimes 25 cents per wash that some specialized detergents cost.

In addition, the tests showed little or no difference in the overalcleaning ability of top-rated brands of both types of detergents.

And you thought you were being so frugal by hand washing, not dry cleaning. Now you can save even more.

Bargain bonanza

Here's something for real bargain hunters: the Greater Baltimore Medical Center's Nearly New Thrift Shop spring sale. It's a semiannual sale that begins Saturday at 6701 N. Charles St. in the farmhouse on the hill. The proceeds go to the Center for Women's Health.

The merchandise includes household items, furniture, toys and books and, of course, men's and women's clothing, says Martha Willis, publicity chairman."We'll have everything. You name it

and we have it: sweaters, blouses, skirts,slacks, sport clothes, evening clothes, some new, some vintage."

Times for the sale are: Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; May 13, 4 p.m.-9 p.m.; May 16, 4 p.m.-9 p.m. (items are half price); May 17, 4 p.m.-9 p.m. (items are half price); and May 18, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. (a bag of items will go for $2).

Parking is free with tickets stamped at the sale. For more information, call 828-9467.

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