Some questions worth pondering



* Where do sports talk show callers find the time to get so wrapped up in the trials and tribulations of the Orioles?

* Now that Rickey Henderson has gone and broken the all-time zTC base-stealing record, won't the rest of the baseball season come across as a crashing bore?

* How would you like to be working for the Washington Bullets and draw the assignment of trying to justify the $5 ticket price increase by the 30-52 team?

* Doesn't the warmup act, the Summer Squall-Unbridled sequel in the Pimlico Special Saturday, figure to be a better show than the main event, Preakness 116?

* Is the answer to every boxing trivia question Archie Moore, or does it just seem that way?

* Wouldn't you like to see a rule wherein if a team falls behind by 20 points in the first quarter of an NBA playoff game on TV a halt is called and the game started over?

* If folks admire Memorial Stadium so much, why not keep the Diamond Vision scoreboard out on 33rd Street and TV games out from downtown when Camden Yards opens next year?

* Can you believe the Celtics have yet to win a game in eight tries at the Auburn Hills home of the Pistons?

* Seriously, don't you have to doubt the truth in advertising concept after looking at the same picture of the guy who paints cars, Earl Scheib, since Mike Goliat played second base for the Phillies?

* How many more years will Manute Bol have to spend in the NBA before he gets the idea?

* Wouldn't it make sense for the Bullets to take a year's sabbatical and rejoin the NBA in 1992-93 when they have a whole team?

* If a gun control law with some teeth in it ever comes into being how will it affect the biathlon in the Olympics?

* Fess up, didn't you toss and turn most of the night in anticipation of the "important announcement" due from World League of American Football commissioner Mike Lynn today?

* Even if they were in their prime, wouldn't the Washington Capitals bypass Rocket Richard, Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull in the NHL draft to select a defenseman with good work habits who's "a good man to have in the locker room?"

* How long will be be before baseball (and TV) realizes it mistake and, noting the success of the recent World Chess Championship, switch the World Series from best-of-seven to best-of-24?

* Since ticket scalping is a $300 million a year operation, when is some state running a huge deficit (Maryland, $400 million) going to get in the business?

* Considering the joint opened going on 20 years ago, isn't i about time they got the bugs out of the clocks at the Cap Centre?

* Wow, is Roy Tarpley giving rehabilitation a bad name or what?

* Wait a minute, a former football player at Florida State plead guilty to two robberies, assaulting a police officer and violation of parole and is given a suspended sentence?

* Yes, Henry Aaron would have received much more publicit ("my due") performing in New York or Los Angeles, but would he have bashed 755 career home runs away from the home run havens in Milwaukee and Atlanta?

* Has there ever been a time when leadership was so lousy at the top of America's most popular pro sports, baseball and football?

* Where does the Maryland State Athletic Commission get off adding a 10 percent tax to boxing and wrestling events ordered via pay-per-view?

* How obscene has college sports become when even women's tennis teams are put on NCAA probation for providing improper benefits to athletes and the old standby, recruiting violations?

* Has any guy, no matter how careless with a razor blade, ever had to buy a second styptic pencil in his lifetime?

* Wrassling fans, did you know the latest giant of the ring, Gigante, is really Jorge Gonzales, former member of the Argentine national basketball team?

* If Ernie Harwell's too old to announce ballgames for the Tigers after this season, how come a retired, Rose Bowl flop football coach who had a team on probation when he was a college athletic director is calling shots for the franchise?

* If Pete Rose can fulfill 1,200 autograph requests in three hours, as he did recently, and considering what athletes get paid these days, isn't the feat worth $20,000? Don't forget to report it, Pete!

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