Babe Ruth gets call


Despite fierce opposition, slugger captures stadium name 0) game with late rally

The two favorites in the stadium debate dueled head-to-head this past week in "It's Your Call," and after a slow start out of the gate, Babe Ruth Stadium put on furious stretch drive to beat out Camden Yards.

Two days into the poll, Camden Yards had 774 votes to Babe Ruth Stadium's 447. But over the weekend, the Babe Ruth Stadium forces rallied to finish with 1,728 votes to 1,226 for Camden Yards in the final "It's Your Call" balloting.

So Babe Ruth Stadium garnered 42.4 percent of the votes, followed by Camden Yards (30.0 percent), Orioles Park (439 votes, 10.8 percent), Memorial Stadium (357 votes, 8.7 percent) and "other" (329 votes, 8.1 percent).

Even though "other" finished last, it was the category that drew some of the choicest comments from callers who used the "It's Your Call" voice mail response. Many used the opportunity to make a political statement about Gov. Schaefer and the money used to build the new stadium. We've included a sampling of comments from all corners.

"It's Your Call" is The Evening Sun's phone survey on topical issues. It represents a sampling of opinions from certain segments of the community, but it is not balanced demographically, as would be done in a scientific public opinion poll.

I like Babe Ruth Park. It shouldn't have the word stadium, because to me that's affiliated with football. I think either park or field is more appropriate for baseball. Mac Lloyd

I prefer Babe Ruth Stadium because Babe Ruth symbolizes baseball in Maryland and because it's built where his father's bar was in his old neighborhood. Victor Wojciechowski

I think that Babe Ruth Park is good, because he was a native of Baltimore. We should pay Babe Ruth a tribute. Morris Cohen, age 10

I think it ought be called Babe Ruth Stadium because Babe Ruth is the greatest player in the history of the game. If they don't call it that, they're crazy. Bob Hughes

It's Babe Ruth Park, not Babe Ruth Stadium. Chesapeake Complex sounds like a psychotic disorder, not the name of a stadium complex. Steve Hasler

It just seems obvious to me that you would name it Babe Ruth Park . . . He's our hero. Kathi Harmeyer

I thought the stadium should be named Oriole Park at first, until I read John Steadman's article. He made some real good points in favor of Babe Ruth Stadium and that's what changed my mind.

Anti-Babe Ruth

I voted for Camden Yards because I think it's the best name. One of the primary reasons I'm also voting for it is that I am just so sick of reading John Steadman go on and on about why it's got to be named after Babe Ruth. I'm truly tired of it. John Humes

I certainly don't want Babe Ruth Stadium. I'm old enough to remember his reputation other than his baseball reputation. He was drinking, he was womanizing . . . not things that you would admire, and I wouldn't want his name associated with our stadium. Ruth Taylor

I think it would be really dumb to call the ballpark Babe Ruth Stadium. No one else in the country associates Babe Ruth with Baltimore. Camden Yards is a much better name. I think it would be a real neat traditional name. Babe Ruth is definitely out. Jerry Browning

I think Mr. Steadman's call for Babe Ruth Stadium is ridiculous. Every time I think of Babe Ruth all I think of is the Yankees even though he was born here. Oriole Park is the appropriate name for the stadium, home of the Baltimore Orioles. Joe Burke

Naming our stadium for this Yankee hero would make Baltimore the laughingstock of the nation. Jim Nelson

My 3-year old son knows who Babe Ruth was and how great was, but he also knows that he was a Yankee.

We should name it Thurman Munson Stadium. . . he's a fat, dead Yankee too!

Babe Ruth was a Yankee. If they don't name it Camden Yards, Robinson Stadium is a nice name, or Oriole Park. But Camden Yards is definitely a good name for a stadium. Babe Ruth was a Yankee. Come on people, get with it. Jeff Cook

If they name the new stadium after a New York Yankee, they've lost me as a fan for life.

Camden Yards is the best name because it's simple and down to earth, just like people from Baltimore. I can't see Babe Ruth Stadium. Johnny Unitas was born in Pittsburgh, but if the people in Pittsburgh erected a football stadium, I doubt they would call it Johnny Unitas Stadium. It wouldn't make sense.

Camden Yards

I think it ought to be called Camden Yards because that's where it's going to be located. Why have all the controversy? George Rew

I think the name ought to be Camden Yards. It's appropriate for baseball. We're trying to make it look like an old-time stadium. Memorial Stadium and Oriole Park are obviously out. And I think Babe Ruth Stadium is a has-been. People don't remember Babe Ruth being from Baltimore. They remember him as a Yankee. Ross Carozza

Everybody's already calling it Camden Yards. Leave it that way.

I think Camden Yards Ballpark is an appropriate and noble name for the new stadium. It would be a travesty of justice and integrity of the lovely city of Baltimore to name the new stadium, the pride of Baltimore, after a former Yankee. I would never go there.

Camden Yards is the obvious choice for the stadium. Babe Ruth did not play for Baltimore.

Using Camden Yards is what people are already calling it and it honors the great railroad history of Baltimore, which was one of the first towns in this country to have a railroad. Steve Conard

I think the name Camden Yards has terrific neighborhood appeal, and a lot of character.

Oriole Park

I like Oriole Park because only the Orioles will ever play in the ballpark. It was Oriole Park since the beginning of the century, and I think that should be a tradition of all Oriole ballparks, to continue on that way. Bill Cass

Orioles Park, because it gives the stadium an old-fashioned name. Camden Yards sounds like a junkyard; Babe Ruth is not associated with the Orioles. I like Orioles Park. Ellie Neuberger

What would be more appropriate than Oriole Park? It's tradition with Baltimore. Jerry Baker

Memorial Stadium

I think it should remain Memorial Stadium. I realize Babe Ruth Stadium means a lot, but we should keep it as it is. Helen Bower

I personally feel it should be Memorial Stadium because that was a memorial to our veterans of all the wars. And most of all, just coming out of another war, that's the way it should be. They didn't change Comiskey Park Daniel Williams

Memorial Stadium brings up the history of the wars and the city's fallen loved ones. . . There needs to be something constantly reminding people as a memorial for those people who have given their lives for their country. Eugene Clark

I prefer Memorial Stadium, but I think it also would be necessary to take the plaque, or a replica of it, with the inscription from the old stadium and include that at the new stadium if that's possible.


I think the new stadium should be called Flag Field in honor of Baltimore, in honor of the veterans, in honor of Memorial Stadium. ' Dan Venedam

I'd love to see Jim Palmer say on a sunny day in Baltimore, "Welcome from the Bird's Nest in Baltimore, Maryland, as the Baltimore Orioles face their opponent today." Cedric Ballenger

My idea is the only one I've heard that comes close to bringing forth the essence of what's so special about Orioles' baseball: Robinson Stadium. To add to the image I see two statues serving as a gate to the main entrance Brooks on one side, Frank on the other. Scott Stambaugh

I think the new ballpark should be named Warehouse Stadium because of the old warehouse in the back. Billy Gaines, age 12

I believe that the name of the new stadium should be the Ruth-Dunn Memorial Stadium because of the two strongest figures in Oriole baseball Babe Ruth and the Dunn family.

It needs to be tied in to the inner harbor. Harbor Front or Harbor Park. Jerry Brotman

Chesapeake Park, since the stadium will be near the harbor and the bay.

McHenry Park in honor of our national park. Everyone knows the park and the national anthem. Dennis Crogan

Why can't you call this new stadium what this stadium's all about: the people who paid for it, the people who go to it, the people who watch the games. Call it Fans Stadium. Bob Rahberger

Others: How about Nolan Ryan Stadium? . . . Ripken Stadium . . . Ty Cobb Stadium . . . The Bird Cage . . . Too-Few-Seats Stadium.

Political statements

I would like to know as a taxpayer why the Orioles will be announcing the name of the new stadium. The new stadium is paid for by us and the Orioles are only a bunch of freeloaders who are coming into it and using it. I think the people of the state should be naming the stadium. Ron Kraus

It should be called Schaefer's Folly or The Money Pit because the whole thing is ridiculous . We didn't need a new stadium. ' Gloria Burkett

William Donald Schaefer Stadium.

Whatever happens, don't name it after Gov. Schaefer.


Camden Yards Oriole Park doesn't sound so bad.

I would like to combine Babe Ruth Stadium with Oriole Park and make it Babe Ruth Oriole Park or Stadium. Tom Schuch

Babe Ruth Memorial Park. Not only in honor of The Babe, but also to honor the veterans.

Mem-Oriole Stadium.

And finally ...

I question this poll your editors have been harping about the Babe Ruth thing so much, I think I know what the winner will be, and that's too bad.

I really couldn't care less.

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