Printed fliers containing warnings about LSD "tattoos" being sold toarea children are causing undue alarm among parents and school officials, county police officials said Friday.

Spokesman V. Richard Molloy said the fliers usually coincide with appearances by The Grateful Dead. The rock group performed at the Capital Centre in Landover two weeks ago.

"Every time the flier appears, our narcotics section investigates," Molloy said. "They have never found the existence of such 'tattoos,' nor have law enforcement agencies in surrounding jurisdictions."

Molloy said the fliers come from a variety of places. They usually are reproduced numerous times and distributed throughout the community.

The fliers claim a form of "tattoo" called "Blue Star" is beingsold to school children. The "tattoos" supposedly are produced on small sheets of paper, each about the size of pencil erasers, and each star is soaked in LSD.

Molloy said people take the drug by puttingthe small pieces of paper in their mouths and letting it dissolve. The danger, he said, is that the drug can be absorbed through the skinjust by handling the paper.

The fliers say the paper-soaked LSD can have various pictures on it, including ones of Superman, clowns and Mickey Mouse. "This is a new way of selling acid by appealing to young children," one of the fliers says.

Molloy said the informationon the fliers is accurate, but said he has not seen an LSD "tattoo" in at least 10 years. "Parents should make a note of it, but right now if this problem was out there, we would definitely make it known through the schools and media."

One of the examples given out by police came from a dentist's office in College Park, which bears a large printed warning spread over the top of the page: "Warning To All Parents."

Dr. Jay M. Mickenberg said his office stopped reproducing the flier six months ago, when he learned it may be inaccurate.

"Igot that form from a friend who got it from someone else who showed it to our office manager," he said Friday. "She said she went to a PTA meeting and they were talking about it. We thought it was importantenough because we have a lot of children go through here."

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