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S&P;'s property and casualty insurer solvency


The following table reflects the financial strength of property and casualty insurance companies writing policies in Maryland, as assessed by Standard & Poor's.

The table contains two types of analysis. The broadest category is for companies receiving "qualified" ratings, derived from a newly developed, broad computer analysis using 1989 data filed publicly with regulators. Standard & Poor's analysts explain the rating system using a stoplight analogy. BBBq, the highest rating, is similar to a green light, BBq a yellow light, and Bq a red light. Because the analysis is broad, however, they caution individuals to use it only as a "first cut" in assessing a company, and not as a definitive analysis.

Some of the larger companies are rated using Standard and Poor's more traditional methodology, which draws on public and private data and interviews with company executives. Under this system, companies are ranked from AAA to D, with AAA through BBB considered "secure" and BB through D "vulnerable." A ** indicates there was no rating for the company. An * indicates the firm is based in Maryland; *** indicates the firm is based and licensed in Maryland.

Name.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .rating

Abeille General U.S.-Britain ** Acceleration National Insurance ** Acstar Insurance ** Aegis Security Insurance BBq Aetna Casualty & Surety Co AA+ Aetna Casualty & Surety of America ** Aetna Casualty & Surety of Ill. AA+ Affliated FM Insurance BBBq Agricultural Insurance ** Agway Insurance Bq AIU Insurance AAA Alaska Pacific AA Alexander Hamilton of America ** All American Insurance BBq Allegheny Mutual ** Allendale Mutual Insurance BBBq Alliance Assurance U.S.-Britain AAA Allianz Insurance BBq Allied Insurance AA Allstate Indemnity ** Allstate Insurance AA+ Allstate Prop & Casualty ** Ambac Indemnity AAA American Alliance Insurance ** American and Foreign Insurance A- American Automobile Insurance AAA American Bankers of Florida BBq American Casualty Reading AAA American Centennial Insurance ** American Central Insurance ** American Credit Indemnity* BBBq American Economy Insurance AA+ American Empire Insurance BBq American Employers Insurance BBq American Family Home BBq American Federation Insurance ** American Fidelity ** American Fire & Casualty AA- American General Property Insurance ** American Global Insurance ** American Guarantee & Liability Bq American Hardware Mutual BBq American Home Assurance AAA American Indemnity Bq American Insurance AAA American Integrity Insurance ** American Inter Fidelity Exchange ** American International Insurance ** American Live Stock Insurance BBBq American Loyalty Insurance AA+ American Manufacturers Mutual AA American Modern Home Insurance BBq American Motorists Insurance AA American National Fire Insurance Bq American Policyholders Insurance Bq American Protection Insurance ** American Reliable Insurance BBq American Reliance Casualty Bq American Reliance Insurance BBBq American Road Insurance BBBq American Security Insurance BBBq American States Insurance AA+ American States Insurance of Texas AA+ American States Preferred AA+ American Zurich Insurance BBBq Amex Assurance ** Amica Mutual Insurance BBBq Amwest Surety Insurance BBq Argonaut Insurance BBq Argonaut-Midwest Insurance BBBq Arkwright Mutual Insurance BBBq Armed Forces Insurance Exchange BBBq Associated Indemnity AAA Associates Insurance BBq Athena Assurance AAA Atlanta Casualty ** Atlanta International Insurance ** Atlantic Bonding* ** Atlantic Insurance ** Atlantic Mutual Insurance BBq Atlantic States Insurance ** Automobile Club Insurance BBq Automobile Ins. of Hartford AA+ Avemco Insurance* BBBq Azstar Casualty ** Balboa Insurance A+ Baloise Insurance of America ** Bankers Multiple Line BBBq Bankers Standard Insurance AA Bay State Insurance BBBq BCS Insurance BBBq Birmingham Fire Insurance of Pa. AAA Bituminous Casualty AA+ Bituminous Fire & Marine AA+ Blue Ridge Insurance ** Boston Old Colony Insurance AA+ Brethren Mutual Insurance* ** Calvert Insurance BBq Cambridge Mutual Fire BBBq Camden Fire AAA Canal Insurance BBq Capital Enterprise Insurance ** Capital Guaranty Insurance AAA Capital Landmark Insurance ** Capital Markets Assurance AAA Carolina Casualty Insurance ** Casualty Recip Exchange ** Centennial Insurance BBq Central Mutual Insurance BBq Central States Indemnity of Omaha ** Centurion Casualty ** Century Indemnity AA Century-National Insurance Bq Charter Oak Fire Insurance AA Chester County Mutual BBBq Chicago Insurance ** Chrysler Insurance BBBq Church Mutual Insurance BBq Cigna Fire Underwriters AA Cigna Insurance AA Cigna Property and Casualty AA Cim Insurance ** Cincinnati Insurance AA+ City Insurance BBB- Clarendon National Insurance ** Classic Insurance AAA Colonia Insurance BBq Colonial Insurance of Calif. AA Colonial Penn Franklin BBq Commerce & Industry Insurance AAA Commercial of Newark, N.J. AA+ Commercial Loan Insurance ** Commercial Union Insurance Bq Commonwealth Mortgage Assurance AA Commonwealth Mutual of America* ** Connecticut Indemnity BBB+ Connie Lee Insurance AAA Consolidated American Insurance ** Continental Casualty AAA Continental Hetitage Insurance **

Continental Insurance AA+ Continental National Indemnity **

Contractors Bonding & Insurance BBq Countrywide Insurance AA- Covenant Insurance AA+ Covenant Mutual Insurance ** Cumis Insurance Society BBq Dairyland Insurance BBq Delaware Mutual Insurance BBBq Diamond State Insurance ** Dixie Insurance BBq Doctors Co An Interinsurance BBq Dryden Guaranty Insurance ** Edison Insurance ** Electric Insurance BBBq Electric Mutual Liability ** Emcasco Insurance BBq Empire Fire & Mar Insurance Bq Employers Fire Insurance **

Employers Ins of Wausau A Mutual AA Employers Mutual Casualty BBq Erie Insurance ** Erie Ins Exchange BBBq Excelsior Insurance BBq Fairmont Insurance AA- Farmers & Mech Mutual of Cecil* ** Farmers Ins Exchange AA+ Farmers Mutual F I C of Dug Hill* ** Farmers Mutual Hail of IA BBBq Farmington Casualty AA+ Federal Insurance AAA Federal Kemper Insurance Bq Federated Mutual Insurance BBBq Federated Rural Electric Bq

Fidelity & Casualty of New York AA+ Fidelity & Deposit* ** Fidelity & Deposit of Maryland* BBBq Fidelity & Guaranty Insurance* **

Fidelity & Guaranty Ins. Udwrs.* ** Financial Guaranty Insurance AAA Financial Security AAA Financial Security of Oklahoma AAA Financial Security Assurance Inc. AAA Fire & Casualty Insurance BBB+ Fireman's Fund Insurance AAA Fireman's Fund of Wis. AAA Firemen's of Newark, N.J. AA+ Firemen's of Washington, D.C. ** First American Insurance BBq First Central Insurance BBq First General Insurance ** First National of America AAA Foremost Inssurance BBq Fortress Insurance of America ** Forum Insurance ** Frontier Insurance A- Galaxy Insurance **

GE Residential Mortgage of N.C. AAA GEICO General Insurance ** GEICO Indemnity ** Gen. Elec. Home Equity of N.C. ** Gen. Elec. Mortgage of N.C. AA General Accident of America AAA General Electric Guaranty ** General Electric Mortgage AAA General Insurance of America AAA General Star National Insurance ** Gerling America Insurance ** Germantown Insurance BBBq Glens Falls Insurance AA+ Globe American Casualty ** Globe Indemnity A- Government Employees Insurance AAA Grain Dealers Mutual Insurance BBq Gramercy Insurance ** Grangers Mutual Insurance* BBBq Graphic Arts Mutual Insurance Bq Great American Insurance BBq Great Central Insurance BBq Great Northern Insurance AAA Great West Casualty AA+ Greater New York Mutual BBBq Green Tree Insurance ** Guarantee Insurance ** Hanover Insurance AA Harbor Insurance AA+ Harco National Insurance BBBq Harford Mutual Insurance*** BBBq Harleysville Mutual Insurance BBq Hartford Accident & Indemnity AAA Hartford CAS Insurance AAA Hartford Fire Insurance AAA Hartford of the Midwest AAA Hawkeye-Security Insurance BBq Heritage Indemnity Bq Highlands Insurance BBBq

Home Guaranty Insurance BBB- Home Indemnity BBB- Home Insurance BBB- Home Insurance of Ind. BBB- Horace Mann Insurance BBq Houston General Insurance BBq Hudson Insurance ** Huron Insurance ** Illinois National Insurance ** Imperial Casualty & Indemnity ** Indemnity of North America AA Indiana Lumbermens Mutual BBq Industrial Fire & Casualty ** Industrial Indemnity A+ Insurance of Evanston ** Insurance of Florida BBq Insurance of Greater New York BBBq Insurance of Illinois BBq Insurance of North America AA Insurance of the State of Pa. AAA Integon General Insurance BBq Integon Indemnity ** Integon Mortgage Guaranty ** Integral Insurance ** Inter Capital Assurance ** International Cargo & Surety BBq

International Fidelity Insurance Bq International Indemnity BBq International Insurance A+ International of Takoma Park*** ** Investors Equity Insurance ** Investors Mortgage Insurance BB ITT Lyndon Property Insurance A+ JC Penny Casualty Insurance BBq Jefferson Insurance of New York Bq Jefferson Pilot Fire & Casualty ** Jewelers Mutual Insurance BBBq John Deere Insurance AA+ John Hancock Indemnity ** Kansas City Fire & Marine AA+ Kentucky Central Insurance Bq Keystone Insurance BBq Lancer Insurance BBq Leader National Insurance Bq Legion Insurance ** Liberty Insurance AA+ Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance AA+ Liberty Mutual Insurance AA+ Liberty Northwest Insurance ** Licoln General Insurance BBq Licoln National Specialty AA+ Litiz Mutual Insurance BBBq London Assurance U.S.-Britain BBBq London Guarantee & Accident ** Lumber Mutual Insurance BBq Lumbermens Mutual Casualty AA

Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance ** Lydon Insurance P & L A+ Manufacturers Alliance Bq Marine Indemnity of America BBq Maryland Casualty BBq Massachusetts Bay Insurance AA MBIA Insurance of Ill. ** MCA Insurance ** Medical Mutual Liability of Md.*** Bq Medical Protective ** Mennonite Mutual ** Merastar Insurance ** Merchants & Business Mens BBq Merchants Insurance of N.H. BBq Merchants Mutual Insurance Bq Meritplan Insurance ** Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance BBBq

Metropolitan Casualty Insurance BBq Metropolitan General Insurance **

Metropolitan Property & Casualty Bq MIC General Insurance BBBq MIC Property & Casualty BBq Mid Century Insurance AA+ Mid-Atlantic Medical Insurance*** ** Middlesex Insurance Bq Midwest Employers Casualty ** Midwest Mutual Insurance BBBq Milbank Insurance A- Millers Mutual of Illinois BBq Millers Mutual Insurance BBBq Minnehoma Insurance ** Minnesota Mutual Fire & Casualty BBq

Montgomery Mutual Insurance*** BBBq Montgomery Ward Insurance ** Monumental General Casualty*** ** Mortgage Guaranty Insurance AA Motors Insurance BBBq Mt Airy Insurance A+ Municipal Bond Investors AAA Mutual Benefit Insurance **

Mutual Fire in Calvert County*** **

Mutual Fire of Carroll County*** ** Mutual of Frederick County*** ** Mutual Protective Insurance BBBq Mutual Service Casualty BBq National American Insurance ** National Chiropratic Mutual ** National Colonial Insurance ** National Continental Insurance AAA National Fire of Hartford AAA National General Insurance ** National Grange Mutual Insurance BBq National Indemnity BBBq National Insurance Underwriters ** National Liability & Fire ** National Surety AAA

National Union Fire of Pittsburgh AAA Nationwide General Insurance AA

Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance AA Nationwide Mutual Insurance AA Navigators Insurance BBq Netherlands Insurance (The) BBq New England Insurance AAA New Hampshire Indemnity ** New Hampshire Insurance BBq New South Insurance BBq New York Marine & General BBBq Newark Insurance A- Niagara Fire Insurance AA+ Nichido F & M Insurance Ltd AA Nippon Fire & Mar U.S.-Britain AAA North American Lumber BBBq North American Specialty ** North Atlantic Cas. & Surety ** North River Insurance A+ Northbrook Indemnity ** Northbrook National Insurance ** Northbrook Property & Casualty ** Northeastern of Hartford ** Northern Insurance of New York ** Northland Insurance BBq Northwestern National Casualty ** Northwestern National of Milwaukee Bq Occidental Fire & Casualty of N.C. ** Ohio Casualty Insurance AA- Ohio Farmers Insurance BBBq Ohio Hospital Insurance Bq Ohio Indemnity ** Ohio Security Insurance AA- Old Guard Mutual Fire BBBq Old Guard Mutual Insurance Bq Old Republic Insurance AA+ Old Republic Surety AA+ Omaha Indemnity ** Omaha Prop & Casualty ** Pacific Compensation BBq Pacific Employers Insurance AA Pacific Indemnity AAA Pawtucket Mutual Insurance BBBq Peerless Insurance BBq Peninsula Insurance*** Bq Penn Casualty Insurance ** Pennsylvania General Insurance AAA

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual BBBq Pennsylvania Manufacturers BBq Pennsylvania Manufacturers Ind. Bq Pennsylvania Millers Mutual BBBq Petroleum Casualty ** Phico Insurance Bq Philadelphia United Fire ** Phoenix Assurance of N.Y. ** Phoenix Insurance AA Pie Mutual Insurance Bq Pinnacle Insurance ** Planet Insurance A PMI Insurance ** PMI Mortgage Insurance AAA Potomac Insurance of Ill. AAA Preferred Physicians ** Preferred Risk Mutual BBBq Premier Alliance Insurance ** Principal Casualty Insurance BBq Progressive American AAA Progressive Casualty AAA Progressive Northern AAA Progressive Northwestern AAA Progressive Preferred AAA Progressive Specialty AAA Property-Casualty of MCA ** Protective Insurance BBq Protective National of Omaha ** Providence Washington BBq Prudential-LMI Commercial ** Prudential Commercial BBBq Prudential General BBq Prudential Property & Casualty BBq Public Service Mutual ** Puritan Insurance ** Ramsey Insurance AAA Ranger Insurance Bq Reciprocal Exchange ** Regal Insurance ** Regency Equities Reinsurance ** Regis Insurance BBBq Reliance Insurance A Reliance National Insurance A Republic Insurance A Republic Mortgage Insurance AA Republic Western Insurance BBq Republic-Franklin Insurance BBq RLI Insurance BBBq Rockwood Insurance of Indiana ** Royal Indemnity A- Royal Insurance of America A- Royal Special Risks Insurance ** Royal Surplus Lines Insurance ** Safeco Insurance of America AAA Safeco Insurance of Illinois AAA Safeguard Insurance A- Sagamore Insurance ** Sea Insurance U.S.-Britain BBq Seaboard Surety AA

Security Insurance of Hartford BBB+ Select Insurance ** Selective Insurance of America A Selective Way Insurance A Seneca Insurance Bq Sentry Insurance A Mutual BBq Shelter Mutual Insurance BBBq South Carolina Insurance Bq Southern General Insurance Bq Southern Insurance ** Southern States Ins. Exchange ** St Paul Fire & Marine AAA St Paul Guardian Insurance ** St Paul Mercury Insurance ** Standard Fire Insurance AA+ Standard Guaranty Insurance BBq Star Insurance ** State Auto Property & Casualty BBq State Automobile Mutual BBBq State Capital Insurance ** State Farm Fire and Casualty BBBq State Farm General Insurance ** State Farm Mutual Automobile BBBq Statesman Insurance Bq Stonewall Insurance ** Stratford Insurance ** Sumitomo Mar & Fire U.S.-Britain AAA Sun Insurance of N.Y. BBBq Sun Ins Office U.S.-Britain AAA Superior National Insurance Bq Taneytown Mutual** ** Ticor Indemnity ** Titan Indemnity ** Trans Pacific Insurance BBBq Transamerica Indemnity AA- Transamerica Insurance AA- Transamerica Premier AA- Transcontinental Insurance AAA Transport Insurance ** Transportation Insurance AAA Travelers Indemnity AA Travelers Indemnity of America AA Travelers Indemnity of Illinois AA Travelers Indemnity of R.I. AA Travelers (Accident Dept.) A+ Tri County Mennonite Mutual ** Truck Ins Exchange AA+ Twin City Fire Insurance AAA U.S. Mortgage Insurance ** Ulico Casualty ** Unigard Security Insurance Bq Union Insurance BBBq Union Standard Insurance Bq United Casualty of America ** United Community Insurance BBq United Financial Casualty AAA United Fire & Casualty BBq United GTY Residential AAA United Guaranty Coml of N.C. ** United Guaranty Commercial ** United Pacific Insurance A United Services Automobile AAA United Southern Assurance ** United States Fidelity & Guaranty BBB+ United States Fire Insurance A+ United States Liability BBBq United Wisconsin Insurance ** Universal Underwriters BBBq USAA Casualty Insurance ** USAA General Indemnity ** Utica Mutual Insurance Bq Valiant Insurance*** ** Valley Forge Insurance AAA Vanguard Insurance ** Vanliner Insurance BBq Verex Assurance BBB- Vermont Mutual Insurance BBBq Vesta Insurance ** Vigilant Insurance AAA Virginia Ins Reciprocal BBq Virginia Mutual Insurance BBq Virginia Surety BBBq Vista Insurance ** Voyager Guaranty Insurance ** Voyager Property & Casualty ** Warner Insurance ** Washington International BBq Wausau Underwriters Insurance AA Wesco Insurance ** West American Insurance AA- Westchester Fire Insurance A+ Western Surety BBq Westfield Insurance BBBq Westwood Insurance ** White Hall Mutual BBq Windsor Insurance ** Windsor Mount Joy Mutual BBq York Insurance BBq Yosemite Insurance ** Zurich American of Illinois BBq Zurich Insurance U.S.-Britain AAA LTC

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