Donahue guests bare all


Phil Donahue's guests will bare all on a show airing locally Monday, but viewers at home will see less than the whole story.

Six persons, participants in an art exhibit called "LOVE-SPIT-LOVE" who say they are protesting art censorship, were taped in the buff before a studio audience Thursday.

"We will present it in a tasteful fashion and shoot them strategically," said Karin Lippert, a "Donahue" spokeswoman. "Parts will be out of focus."

The guests are three couples -- one gay, one lesbian and one heterosexual. Mr. Donahue will not follow the example of talk show host Geraldo Rivera, who once stripped to interview nudists on his show, Ms. Lippert said.

Emily Barr, director of broadcast operations for WMAR-TV, which airs the show at 9 a.m. weekdays, said she anticipates no problems.

"This has been done before. They shoot carefully," she said. "We never really have to censor those shows."

The Federal Communications Commission doesn't ban nudity per se, but rather material that is deemed obscene or indecent, ** said Sandy Wilson, of the FCC. The agency would investigate if someone filed a complaint over the show, she added.

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