A few weeks ago William L. Hunt Jr. broke the house record for a single game of duckpins at Severna Park Lanes with a 237 game.

It washighest game of his 20-year career in bowling. His high series is a nifty 534, and he carries a 133 average.

Hunt bowls in the Friday Majors at Severna Park Lanes and in the Men's Triples at Edgemere. He is chief estimator for the Kimball Construction Co. and lives in Glen Burnie with his wife, Janette, who carries a 116 average.

He has been president of the Baltimore BowlersAssociation since 1985. In addition, he is the U.S. treasurer of theNational Duckpin Bowling Congress and sits on the board of directorsof that body. Hunt has been nominated for president of the Bowling Congress.

"Duckpin bowling has been a part of my life for 20 years," Hunt said, "and it's given me so much enjoyment that I'd like to give something back to the sport. If that means being president of the Congress, I will accept the nomination and if elected, serve the Congress to the best of my ability."

That ability is considerable. He has served as national tournament director, lane inspector and managing director in the past and is on the Tournament and the Charter guidelines committees.

While president of the Baltimore Bowlers Association, Hunt was instrumental in fostering closer relations with the bowling proprietors.


Last week in the $45,000 Lady Fair Lanes Open at Adelphi, one of the great amateurs finished 18th and cashed in for $1,075 against the best female professional bowlers in the nation.

Where does one start to list the accomplishments of Odenton's Ada L. Bylsma?

Bylsma was elected to the Maryland Bowling Hall of Fame for superior performance. She's been bowling for 29 years, carries a 199 average and has a career-high 299 game and 725 series.

She was the winner of the state games in 1980, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990. She's been part of the team that won eight Baltimore City titles, the doubles crown twice and the singles crown once.

She was a member of team that won two Maryland titles, two doubles titles and the winner of an all-event title. I count about 20 titles.

Bylsma has thrown five 700 series, five all-spare games and three Dutch 200 games.

She bowls in the Ritchie Tigers league at Fair Lanes Ritchie, the Powder Puff Trio and the Monday Night Mixed at Bowl America Odenton.

Somehow she still has enough time to do needlework, knit, crochet and sew. She also does ceramics and plays a little golf. She also does a little traveling with her husband, Roger, and some camping.

But she admits that her first love is bowling -- maybe second after the eight grandchildren.


Fair Lanes is offering free bowling this summer.

Bowl in one summer league and you can bowl three free games per day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Bowling in two or more leagues gets you unlimited free open play games from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

AH: Duckpins

* Greenway Bowl Glen Burnie

Greenway Jills

Joyce DeSaulniers 132/353

Louise Bronakoski 119/344

Bea Colhauer 128/345

Mary Bavis 122/340

Wednesday Night Mixed

Jeff Edelblute 141/379

Brian Parks 152/376

Alley Cats

Lynda VanKirk 131/380

Wanda Szczech 130/366

U.S. Coast Guard

Charlie Colhour 144/411

Joyce Wetzel 155/405

Don Smith Jr. 176/402

Junie Martin 143/402

Butch Dorr Jr. 136/397

Carol Shunk 142/376

Lil's Seniors

Bill Schooenemann 157/403

John Joslin 134/343

Jim Doyle 136/373

Ruth Gray 151/334

Buck Buchanan 141/363

Carr Lowrey Mixed

Janice Sparenberg 138/381

Wade Cain 199/404

Brigitte Fuller 140/370

Tom Sparenberg 151/398

Kathy Leonard 132/366

Dick Fitzgerald 153/381

Friday Night Mixed

Don Brown 181/415

Denise Brady 140/361

Yogi Kean 142/398

Doris Bilson 142/359

Tony Borsella 159/378

Wanda Murphy 134/340

Severn Ladies

Linda Shepard 122/328

Grace Altman 108/306

Kathy Haggard 113/302

Thursday Interlane

Pat Trabert 183/459

Jackie Cammarota 168/424

Donn Hood 197/427

Wednesday Carefree Ladies

Nellie Bentz 142/397

Kathy Leonard 134/373

Carol Miller 126/361

Monday Mixed Doubles

Mike Shughrue 192/498

Gene Stevens 208/482

Jim Lane 159/411

Monday Night Mixed 5:45

ChristyKnopp 128/319

Joi Sandlin 144/350

Kathy Calimer 137/367

Greenway House Majors

Art Mioduszewski 184/492

Butch Ruppert 171/453

Tom Scally 165/449

Joseph Novak 159/439

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