We average, struggling working persons may wonder just what the other half finds to spend, spend, spend its money on.

We of the working press don't have firsthand knowledge, but we have friends in high places who say clothes and jewelry.

Harry Winston, that high-society jeweler with boutiques in New York and Beverly Hills, has taken upscale that item common to the streets and playgrounds -- the whistle.

The new bejeweled whistle is created in 18-karat gold, adorned with malachite, coral, turquoise, black onyx, amethyst, rubies or sapphires and sells for $5,700. (The coordinating 18-karat gold chains sell for $1,000 to $1,800.)

While other high-fashion designers were busy creating lower-price lines for smaller budgets, Giorgio Armani has been making clothes for smaller-size persons with big budgets. His New York boutique on Fifth Avenue, Emporio Armani, now carries the Giorgio Armani Junior collection of clothing for children ages 4 through 14. It costs from $40 for a child's T-shirt to about $160 for a jacket; shorts, skirts and some shirts are $60.

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