Hayden fund-raiser grosses $130,000


Last year, when Roger B. Hayden was running a long-shot race as the Republican candidate for Baltimore County executive, he had to give away half his $15 tickets to fill a small room at Timonium Fairgrounds with 200 people, according to a campaign worker.

Last night, County Executive Hayden filled an exhibition hall nearby with more than 2,300 people. The tickets cost $50 each.

Assuming everyone paid, Hayden raised in one night, before expenses, about $130,000 -- an amount nearly equal to what he raised for the primary and general election campaigns in 1990.

The parade of appointees and Democratic officeholders and Democratic money men -- including former Belvedere Hotel owner Victor Frenkil -- prompted several people to comment that the candidate may be different, but the ticket-buyers were the same ones who helped fill former Executive Dennis F. Rasmussen's much swankier $100-a-ticket affairs at the Towson Center.

"It took all these Democrats to put him in," said a jovial Del. E. Farrell Maddox, the Democratic chairman of the county delegation to the Maryland House of Delegates, surveying familiar faces.

State Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell, the Democratic leader of the county's state Senate delegation and a close ally of Rasmussen's last year, said he was just taking a page out of the Republican playbook.

"Republicans always attended Democratic fund-raisers," Bromwell said, adding that "in three years, we'll talk about 'Rs' and 'Ds,' " meaning political party affiliations.

All of the county's state senators attended except Democrats Janice Piccinini and Michael J. Collins.

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