The party people wig out at Art Place's Hair Ball


AFTER A NIFTY '50s make over complete with a Barbie doll in our beehive teased up by Studio 1612's Ken Saenz and chum Stephen Basel, hon, we strutted over to the first Hair Ball to benefit the Maryland Art Place Saturday night to butt hairdos with about 600 or so other zany hairhoppers.

"You look like a Buddy Deane reject," host John Waters, ah, teased. (Waters, in case you missed it, appeared the next morning on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and will introduce a movie on Andy Warhol on May 10 at the Baltimore Museum of Art.)

SALON OWNER Lola Jones and her model, Peggy DiAngles, won one of the numerous prizes handed out for their outrageous beehive concoction.

A FEW ARTSY folks we spied in the throng at this hilarious affair? Dave and Anita Klein, Marie and Gil Cook and Clara Nash.

GUESS WHO EXCHANGED vows over the weekend? The Harbor Court's exec chef Michael Rork and sales exec Betsy Goldfeder, who'll return to work today after a brief honeymoon . . . The public is invited to sneak a peek at Steeltown, the new gigantic entertainment complex located in the Northpoint Plaza Shopping Center, tonight at 8.

G. M. Bob Schmuff tells us a splashier grand opening is planned for later this month.

SOCIAL SCENE: A benefit for the Florence Crittenton Home wil be held tonight at the BSO Decorator's Selsed House on Seminary Avenue. For ticket info, call 366-4333.

EYE OPENERS: Developer James Rouse will be presente United Way's prestigious National Alexis De Tocqueville Award Sunday at the Baltimore Convention Center. The award will be presented by William Aramony, president of United Way of America.

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