Ken Curtis, a singer and actor who...


Ken Curtis, a singer and actor who starred as Marshal Matt Dillon's sidekick Festus Haggin on the long-running television western "Gunsmoke," died Sunday at age 74. Mr. Curtis, whose real name was Curtis Gates, was born in Lamar, Colo. In addition to television roles in "Rawhide," "Perry Mason" and "Have Gun, Will Travel," Mr. Curtis acted with John Wayne in some of Hollywood's classic films, including "The Searchers" and "The Quiet Man."

George Speri Sperti, 91, a cancer researcher and inventor who developed Preparation H, died Monday at a hospital in Covington, Ky. Hospital officials said he had an aneurysm, but they couldn't specify the cause of death. Mr. Sperti also invented a sunlamp, discovered a way to enhance vitamin D in milk and formulated Aspercreme for arthritis relief.

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