From: Judy Roberson

Ferndale Community Club

Just want to let you know how much Rosalie Falter (Anne Arundel County Sun Ferndale/Linthicum Community Correspondent) is appreciated.

The Ferndale Community Club's flea market, craft show and bake sale was a huge success.

The articles on both the space rental and the date of this event is what made the difference.

Thank you for this service to non-profit groups.


From: BethThompson

American Cancer Society

I would like to thank the Anne Arundel County Sun for its continued generosity and support.

More than 275,000 daffodils were sold during Daffodil Days, raising morethan $85,000 for the American Cancer Society's research, education and patient service programs.

Again, thank you for supporting the American Cancer Society.


From: Mel Tansill

United Way of Central Maryland

Thank you for (the recent) news coverage of the 1990 United Way campaign results in Anne Arundel County.

The trend of limited government social spending makes it imperative that United Way services not be taken for granted.

Anne Arundel County residents last year made human services a county-wide priority through their record support of our campaign.

Their thanks can be found on the faces of the thousands of people being helped dailyby United Way.

The quality of life in Central Maryland is better today than it was yesterday because Anne Arundel County cares.


From: Chuck Serio


For those of you who missed the March 31 episode of "This Week with David Brinkley" featuring Representative Tom McMillen, you didn't miss any displays of brilliance from the congressman. The segment he was on focused on the large numbers of college athletes who do not graduate from college. McMillen's major contribution to the show was that Congress ought to passlegislation regulating college athletics. In other words, McMillen was suggesting that sports, such as college basketball, be socialized.

McMillen has not yet learned that there are areas of life that Congress can not and should not micro-manage. Every college and university has different admission and graduation standards. It should be upto the individual to decide whether or not a school is right for him, not Congress. After all, a Congress that has not balanced a budget in over a decade is in no position to tell any responsible institution what to do.

Furthermore, who can say where Congress will draw the line on regulating sports? Will professional baseball, basketball, and football answer to a federal sports czar? Will problems concerning local Little League games be arbitrated by a bureaucrat in Washington, D.C.? Will McMillen ask for the establishment of a Department of Sports and Recreation? Once Congress starts to meddle in something, it is impossible to say where it will stop.

Another question: Why is McMillen so interested in college sports? There are no four-year colleges in his district, and the nation is not begging for "reform." Perhaps it is because sports is all he knows. Let is not be said that he is out of his element on this issue. Tom may not know a whole lot about the budget deficit, but he sure knows a lot about basketball.


From: William Edward Pilcher

Glen Burnie

In your Thursday, April 11, 1991, edition of the Anne Arundel County Sun,there are at least two errors that I know of.

One takes place under the "Police Beat." There is no such thing as "Shepherd Pratt," theplace is named after its founder Moses Sheppard and later he was associated with Enoch Pratt, thus Sheppard Pratt.

Also on page 10, Ruth and Jim "Lower" should be shown as Rith and Jim Lowe, thank you very much.


From: Trista Jacobson

Severna Park

I am writing on behalf of the students of Anne Arundel County, particularly of Severna Park High School. The 1991-1992 school year finds us with a sparse choice in classes due to the budget cuts.

For many students, one or more classes have to be rescheduled because 20 or more students haven't signed up to (a certain) course. This is an inconvenience for both the counselors and the students. Students signed up to take an advanced placement course are now forced to fill their schedule with a "basket weaving" class.

Also, the classes will be crowded, some having as many as 40 students in the class. Individuals who need special attention in order to learn will be faced with barely any attention at all.

Not only has our education been restricted to whatever course the school seems fit to teach, but our voice (is gone) as well. So far as Severna Park High School goes, there maynot be a newspaper or a yearbook next year. I am only one in hundreds of shocked and scared voices of the next generation.

How can we compete with foreign countries if our education is being cut in orderto save some money? There must be another solution to our dire problems.


From: Dominick Morea

North Linthicum

After reading what the Linthicum Shipley Improvement Association (LSIA) had to say about the light rail, I now ask why should the people ofNorth Linthicum have rail lines on two sides of our community? What about those people who live along Nursery Road? Are you now planning what goes in their back yards?

Currently, we are scheduled for twostations along our part of the light rail, and we are not happy about that. Therefore, LSIA, don't fix your concerns on the backs of others, namely North Linthicum residents who live on Nursery Road.

As a past president of the North Linthicum Improvement Association, no one planned the future of LSIA, so please don't plan for us, as state and county governments are already doing us enough favors. Just as LSIA is against the plan for the Airport Spur going through, I am also against it going through North Linthicum.

People in North Linthicum are not unreasonable, LSIA. Therefore, why don't you come talk to us before you plan for us? The Association's mailing address is P.O. Box 258, Linthicum Heights, Md. 21090-0258, and has the same post offices as yours. Let's get together, help each other, and not cause hardfeelings.


From: Philip C. Jimeno

State senator, District 31

The continued interest in the affairs of Anne Arundel County by my opponent of last fall, former Delegate John Leopold, is to be welcomed. His letter published last Friday seemed at first and quick reading a pat on the back. He apparently supported my vote against legalized slot machines for use by fraternal, religious or veterans groups in Harford County.

Instead, he harped on a procedural committee vote. He omitted to give the full story that I opposed an amendment that would have extended the same use of slot machines to our county. Perhaps he simply didn't know.

When in doubt, I suggest that Mr. Leopold give my office a call. Or he could drop usa line instead of rushing with partial information to your letters column.


From: Tom McMillen

Member of Congress

A recent letter to the editor loosely referred to an article in Forbes magazine regarding an investment I made with some other members of Congress in property in the Caribbean. The letter further exaggerated the outlandish claims of the Forbes article, which have been reviewed by other publications without interest. In fact, a Washington newspaper completely refuted the allegations made by Forbes.

Contrary to the article, the investment is not being questioned or investigated by any federal agency, including the Justice Department. The Justice Department categorically denied it had any interest in the matter. My colleague, Representative Bob Mrazek, labored with the Forbes reporter to inform him of all aspects of this matter -- most of whichwere ignored by the reporter. Readers may also recall that this transaction was fully reported in local papers in 1989.

Moreover, the land has not been sold, and certainly not for the profit reported in the article or the letter. The fact of the matter is that I haven't seen a cent from this investment. It's sad that one small distortion by a magazine has led to many others.


From: Ann Heil

Harbor Hospital Center

Lately, your paper has assisted Harbor Hospital Center in actively recruiting volunteers to supplement activities in many areas of the hospital. The response has been very positive, indicating the community's support for the Hospital and more importantly, the tradition of volunteerism.

It is apparent to me that Harbor Hospital Center's community is already meeting the challenge of giving of themselves. Therefore, during the week of April 21 through 27, Harbor Hospital Center would like to thank our neighbors for providing this much-needed service to the Hospital and the community it serves. Although we will recognize our volunteers age 65 andover with a dinner during National Volunteer Week, we would like to encourage everyone who is acquainted with a volunteer to say a special thank you. These local residents could have easily remained inactive and uninvolved, but instead chose to reach out and help others for the betterment of the community.

In closing, I'd like to encouragemore of your readers to join our active volunteer program, which includes a summer Junior Volunteer opportunity. We continue to have needs in patient care areas, such as patient feeding, transportation and dietary services. Other opportunities for members of the community, 15 years and older, include clerical assistants, hospitality cart server and groundskeeper assistants. Interested readers may contact the Volunteer Services Office at 347-3478.

Again, thank you for your support and a special thank you to the many Harbor Hospital Center volunteers.


From: Barbara Stein


I would like to show the public that the police are there for you when you need them. They went beyond the call of duty, and this service should not go unnoticed.

There was a disturbance when my daughter was laid out at Barranco Funeral Home in Severna Park, Monday, April 15.

I called the police after the incident but decided to let the matter drop. It would not bring back the person I lost.

I called Capt. Shanahan of the county police and asked if he could send an officer to the funeral home to make sure peace would be kept. I was told this was not the standard procedure, but he sent (Officer) Mark Lausler(Badge 806) to the scene.

Thank you! You made my last respects tomy daughter peaceful ones. You are the good guys.

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