Stephanie Zimbalist a detective again


* Whatever happened to actress Stephanie Zimbalist, who sparkled for several seasons as a smart private eye (with Pierce Brosnan) in the series "Remington Steele?"


Well, one of her post-series activities surfaces tonight on cable's Lifetime network. She's starring in "The Killing Mind," a new movie in which she plays a detective again (at 9 p.m. on the basic cable service). But this time she's on the Los Angeles police force and specializes in psychological analysis to solve crimes.

According to an interview in the monthly Cable Guide magazine, by the way, this is actually Zimbalist's 19th made-for-TV movie. Yet she concedes, "most of my films have come and gone." She also says she doesn't want to do another series, although "The Killing Mind" has some of the earmarks of a pilot.


* Could the U.S. Marines pay for better advertising than is provided by the CBS Monday series "Major Dad?"

Media Monitor cites particularly an episode a couple weeks ago when Major MacGillis (star Gerald McRaney) was nervous about the rifle drill demonstration he had to perform, and an earlier show in which he struggled with his desire to be in the Persian Gulf with his fellow proud and brave Marines.

The show does have some military stereotypes, such as the buffoonish general, the green lieutenant and the less-than-attractive female clerk. But on the whole, recruiters could not ask for better exposure.

* Is there a surer sign than provided by yesterday's "Today" show that the important May ratings sweeps are still a few days off? (They actually begin early, on Thursday, as also illustrated by the spate of reruns on most shows before then).

The NBC show was remarkably lightly attended, despite all the recent controversy about its bid to regain its former top-rated status, following the departure of Deborah Norville and so forth.

New co-host Katherine Kouric, in fact, was the only regular to be seen, as Bryant Gumbel, Joe Garagiola, Willard Scott, and newscaster Faith Daniels were all off. Further, Kouric was in an apparently lonely studio in Los Angeles, opening the show at the wee hour out there of 4 a.m.

* Is there anybody on local radio who seemingly enjoys his job more than baseball announcer Rex Barney on WBAL-AM 1090?

From his rain-out chats with frustrated fans yesterday afternoon, you get the feeling the Memorial Stadium public address man would pay the station to be there.