Man charged in murder, kidnapping Defendant also is suspected of killing 3 teens in drug deal.

A 31-year-old Irvington resident has been charged with the drug-related murder of a Baltimore man and the kidnapping of a couple outside an Owings Mills fitness center, authorities said today.

Ricardo Burks, of the 400 block of S. Augusta Ave., also is suspected in the slayings of three teen-agers over the weekend as a result of a drug deal that went sour, Baltimore police said.


Burks today agreed to waive a bail review hearing in Baltimore County on the kidnapping charges, meaning he will remain in jail, said county police spokesman Sgt. Stephen Doarnberger. Burks was held temporarily at the Wilkens station lockup and was transferred later today to the county's main detention center in Towson, Doarnberger said.

City homicide Detective Mark Tomlin said Burks has been charged with the murder of Marvin Odell Willis 3rd, 25, of the 400 block of Yale Ave., whose bullet-riddled body was found at his home Sunday afternoon by his girlfriend, Jacqueline Parran, 24, of the same address.


Police said Willis, who worked as a warehouseman for a local trucking firm and was the father of three small children, was shot several times in the head and back.

Burks was expected to be charged today with the slayings of Derrick Lamont Newman, 19, and his half-brother, Charles Jefferson Jr., 18, both of the 5800 block of Royal Oak Ave. in Woodlawn; and their cousin, Joseph Christopher Austin, 15, of the first block of Walden Oak Court in Woodlawn, city police said.

Police said their bodies were found around 3 p.m. yesterday wrapped in carpets and dumped in a trash-covered area off Lokus Road near Lamonte Avenue in Odenton.

Tomlin said the four slayings were drug-related.

Baltimore County police have charged Burks with kidnapping and robbing Eric Sean Cada, 24, of the 8300 block of Silver Trumpet Drive in Columbia, and his girlfriend, Kimberly Goldscher, 22, of the 2900 block of Fallstaff Road in northwest Baltimore.

Cada and Goldscher were abducted Sunday morning outsidthe Sinai Fitness Center in the first block of Painters Mill Road, police said. Cada had driven Goldscher to her job at the club.

Authorities became hooked into the twisted chain of events about 3 p.m. Sunday when Parran found Willis' body.

Tomlin said blood in the basement, bullet holes in the basement wall, a trash bag containing 18 9mm shell casings, drug paraphernalia and the identification card of one of the teen-agers led police to fear that more than one person had been killed in the house.


Tomlin said police checked on the identification card and learned that Newman, Jefferson and Austin hadn't been seen by their families since Thursday night.

"We got a bad feeling about their fate," he said, "but we had nothing to indicate what had happened to them."

Throughout Sunday, city police attempted but failed to find the three missing teen-agers.

About 7:45 a.m. Sunday in Owings Mills, Cada and Goldscher pulled up at the fitness club in Cada's 1990 Jeep, police said. A man armed with two guns approached and forced Goldscher into the back, then climbed in behind her. It was the beginning of more than 18 hours of captivity.

The man told the couple he was hungry and forced Cada to give up the $12 he had on him.

Taking the wheel, the gunman drove to a bank at Md. 108 and Bendix Road near U.S. 29 in Columbia, where he ordered Cada to withdraw $170 from an automatic teller machine. The man then drove to a nearby McDonald's restaurant and bought food for himself and the abducted couple.


The man then drove his captives south on Interstate 95 to Virginia and stopped at the Virginia Traveler's Motel at Kings Dominion, north of Richmond, where he paid for a room with Cada's credit card. He and his captives spent five hours in the room.

From the motel, the man telephoned Cynthia Burks, 32, in Baltimore, cried and told her he didn't know what to do about turning himself in and asked her advice.

While at the motel, the man drove to a nearby shopping center and bought a six-pack of beer and a bottle of wine.

Police said the man later told them he intended to get the couple drunk so they wouldn't be able to escape.

After drinking some beer and wine, the man ordered the couple back in the Jeep late Sunday night or early yesterday and headed north on I-95.

Arriving in Elkridge, the three checked in at the Terrace Motel on Washington Boulevard.


After more drinking, the man fell asleep with a 9mm semiautomatic handgun in his hand after warning the couple not to try to escape.

In the meantime, Goldscher's parents had reported their daughter missing to Baltimore police and Cada's roommate in Columbia found out Cada's credit card number and called the credit card company. Posing as Cada, he found out when the card was last used.

The roommate learned from the credit card company that since Sunday the card had been used to rent a motel room in Virginia and another in Arbutus. He then called Howard County police.

It is believed that a computer printout in code numbers led Baltimore County police to check motels along Washington Boulevard in Arbutus and Howard police to check motels along the same highway in or near Elkridge.

Shortly after 2 a.m. yesterday, Sgt. Curtiss Spanos and Officer Yvonne Stinchcomb, of the Howard County police, stopped at the Terrace Motel in Elkridge after spotting Cada's Jeep parked outside a room.

The officers broke down the door and disarmed Burks and arrested him.


At the Wilkens station, the couple told police that Burks had boasted of killing four people.

Several hours after his arrest, Burks told police about the four slayings.

Yesterday afternoon, Burks led Baltimore County police, Tomlin and other city homicide detectives to the Odenton dump where they found the bodies of Newman, Jefferson and Austin.

Each of the victims had been shot and stabbed numerous times.

Tomlin said the bodies of the three teen-agers had remained in the Yale Avenue basement until Saturday night, when they were loaded onto a truck and driven to the dump.

Tomlin also said Burks and Willis had purchased cocaine from the three teen-agers on Friday and invited them back to Willis' home.


There, Willis and Burks became angry over the poor quality of the cocaine and killed the three teen-agers, Tomlin said.

He said Burks and Willis returned from the Odenton dump to Willis' home, where they argued over who might snitch on the other.

It was then that Willis was fatally shot, and Burks fled to Owings Mills, Tomlin said.

Burks is on probation from three separate Baltimore charges -- conviction for driving while uninsured, a probation before judgment for carrying a deadly weapon, and a conviction for possessing cocaine, said Leonard A. Sipes, a spokesman for the state probation system.