THE SHUTTERING of Yale's Skull and Bones...

THE SHUTTERING of Yale's Skull and Bones Society by alumni aghast at the very notion of admitting persons of the female persuasion reminds us of an issue that has yet to make its way to the forefront of United States-Mexico relations, this despite the fact that George Bush is a Bonesman.

Or to be more precise, the president is a reputed Bonesman, since to admit membership would be a gross violation of one of the society's many codes.


But we digress.

Back to relations with Mexico. It seems that many years ago the skull of Pancho Villa, the fiery Mexican revolutionary general, was stolen from its tomb by suspected Yanqui pranksters. Where this noble cranium ended up is a matter of mystery to this day.


A persistent rumor has it that the skull went from tomb-to-tomb, namely from its resting place in Mexico to the "tomb" in New Haven that serves as headquarters of the Skull and Bones

Society. But since no one can acknowledge Bonesmanship, no one has ever come forward to confirm or deny this real-life tale from the crypt.

A member of The Sun's editorial staff, which also basks in anonymity, figured that Mr. Bush's ascendance to the presidency might solve the problem.

After all, how could he refuse information on so sensitive a subject if it were put to him directly by President Carlos Salinas de Gortari of Mexico?

So, during a press conference in Monterrey about a year and a half ago, this meddler from the editorial staff had the audacity to ask President Salinas if he had raised the subject of Pancho Villa's skull or if he would do so, rather than let the matter molder.

Mr. Salinas looked at his questioner as if the scribe were something lower than Kitty Kelley. Heads of government have far more significant matters to talk about without digging up reminders of the violent past. And so, the president of Mexico said he had not and would not embarrass the president of the United States.

Meanwhile, we await the ultimate surrender of Skull and Bones ** to women in the hope that they will not abide by the rules of ageless male adolescents but will let the world know if Pancho Villa, from the neck up, resides in New Haven. If such is the case, his return to Mexican soil would serve the cause of hemispheric harmony.

* * *


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