The greatest game never playedWBAL (1090 AM)...

The greatest game never played

WBAL (1090 AM) will broadcast "The Greatest Game Never Played" Monday during the Dan Rodricks Show. The script, a fictional playoff game between the all-time greatest Orioles and Yankees, was written by Rodricks, and WBAL's Chuck Thompson and Rex Barney do the play-by-play.


The action begins with the game tied in the seventh and Dave McNally coming on in relief of Mike Cuellar. Yankees include Yogi Berra, Tony Lazzeri, Phil Rizzuto, Babe Ruth, Billy Martin, Reggie Jackson and Lou Gehrig. Orioles include Stu Miller, Bobby Grich, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Ken Singleton, Luis Aparicio and Terry Crowley.

The broadcast will begin after the 9 o'clock news.


You can leave your shoes on

The man in a pullout poster inside Reebok International's 1990 annual report wears -- not surprisingly -- Reebok running shoes.

And nothing else.

The report's authors aren't bashful as they claim the black-and-white photo stops readers in their tracks; it's part of promoting the athletic-wear company's "fun" image.

After all, "we're not in the business of making computers," said Reebok spokeswoman Kate Burnham.

But the photo, which shows a strategically shadowed male with his back to the camera, has drawn criticism.

Sid Cato, of Waukesha, Wis., said yesterday the use of a nude photo in an annual report was in questionable taste.

"I viewed what Reebok has done as infantile exhibitionism," said Cato, who puts out a monthly publication called Sid Cato's Newsletter.


Addison Corporate Annual Reports, the New York-based company that produced the report for Reebok, had a simple response: lighten up.

"This is the 1990s," said Richard Lewis, Addison president. "We want to have fun. We wanted to be outrageous, while being chaste."

The quote

Reggie Jackson on his coaching position with the Oakland Athletics: "I need to learn in the position I'm in to see how far I can go. I think the organization and Tony La Russa have Reggie Jackson's best interests at heart. I think I can go as far as I want to go in the game of baseball. I couldn't be in a better situation."