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Do you want to buy a vowel, guess the puzzle or spin? Can't guess? Here's a few hints: Local girl. Former "Miss Georgetown." May be moving back home. Vanna White.


Oops. May have given it away. Well, anyway, the rumors floating around are true: Pat Sajak has bought a home in Severna Park.

Rightthere on Bluff Point. You know, that exclusive community on the Severn River. Big brick homes. Only access through a gate. Security cameras all over the place.


Rumors abound. Is the game-show guru, host of an ill-fated, late-night talk show, putting down roots here? Or isthis home just one in the Sajak collection? Could the move be tied to the fact that his wife, Lesly Brown Sajak, is from Gambrills?

Who knows? The people who know aren't talking. People who don't know aren't saying much either.

First, the facts: The deed for the home,in the 600 block of Rock Cove Lane, was filed with the county Monday. Sajak paid $1.275 million. Not all at once, of course.

He put $275,000 down. The rest is on loan through the Prudential Home MortgageCo., to be paid off by 1998.

The county made out pretty well. Therecord tax came to $8,925. The transfer tax was $6,375. And the county tax was $12,750.

That's about all the deed says, excluding all the legal wording and stuff. Oh yeah, Sajak bought the house from Edward L. and Carol F. Smith.

Other than that, mum's the word.

A woman who answered the phone at Gray Development Inc., the builder of homes on Bluff Point on the Severn, was closed-mouthed. "We have nothing to say about that," she said.


Ditto Prudential's Frederick office. "We can't talk to you in regards to any information," one of itslawyers said. "We don't release any information on any of our own applicants."

Attorney Stephen J. Troese of Troese Title Services, with offices in Annapolis, Severna Park and Crofton, drew up the deed.

A woman who answered the phone in Crofton said Troese was on vacation, but she was positive he wouldn't have anything to say. "We have no information on the case," she said. "I'll have to reject the phonecall."

A visit to the development didn't shed any light, either. A big gate crosses the private road. There is a small, private lake near the entrance, with a sign that says fishing has been forbidden since May 1989, by order of the Bluff Point Community Association.

News of the celebrity addition hasn't exactly set the community atwitter. Chuck St. Lawrence, past president of the Greater Severna Park Community Association, said he heard about Sajak's moving to the area six or eight weeks ago.

"I heard it at the BWI committee at the Severna Park Council," he said. "A couple of people on the committee arereal estate agents."


But St. Lawrence was not too impressed that someone famous may be living nearby. "I wouldn't know him if he was sitting right next to me," he said. "I don't watch too much TV."

The Sajaks were married in December 1989 at St. Mary's Church in Annapolis. Lesly, a University of Maryland graduate and former "Miss Georgetown," appeared in Playboy's "Women of Washington" feature in 1988.

Sajak's personal publicist, Bob Burton, said he knew only that his client had bought a house in the Baltimore area. He said he didn't know if it was going to be used as a permanent residence or not.

"That's all I can tell you," he said.