The Recreation and Parks Advisory Board has urged the county commissioners to purchase land in the next two years for the development of a county-owned golf course.

Plans for a county-owned course were first discussed several years ago, but the board formed a subcommitteelast year to take a closer look at the idea. That group found a needfor such courses, which would serve people who don't use the privately owned, open-to-the-public courses in Carroll.

Fees at the county-owned course generally would be lower than at a privately owned course, they said.

The subcommittee suggested requesting proposals from private golf course management firms to operate the facility. Another option, used in Baltimore City, would be theformation of a private company to oversee operation of the course.

Money from cart rentals, the pro shop and concession stand could besplit with the county, said Romeo Valianti, chairman of the subcommittee.

Clark Shaffer, a parks board member, said that while he supported results of the subcommittee, he wants to see a professional study of the feasibility of a course after a site is identified before the county commits money.

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