Editor's note: What follows are some of the responses we received tothe survey, "How Should Harford Recycle?" that appeared in the Harford County Sun March 3.

Mandate recycling

From: Laurie Turner


I would favor mandatory curbside recycling. At the very least, I would like to see more available drop-off receptacles for recyclables in my immediate area.

Yes to curbside pickup

From: Nancy Fairall

Bel Air

I favor the curbsidepickup of recyclables. Those who choose not to sort should pay a higher rate for trash removal.

Yes, I would favor a mandatory

recycling plan (either initially or down the road).

Penalize the recalcitrant

From: John and Jody Dixon


Recycling will not work if it is not made easy for the residents. We believe curbside recycling is necessary. Why pay $5 million for a sorter when residents can sort if containers are made available?

Yes, we favor mandatory recycling. Penalties should be used to help fund the plan.

Whatabout the disabled?

From: Verla Evans


I would like tosee our county have curbside pickup. We can easily sort the trash athome and put it out in separate containers. I would not make it mandatory as this may be too difficult on some people -- seniors, ill andhandi

capped. Besides, I think most of us would gladly recycle ifit is made easy.

I now save our trash in the basement and take everything to Susquehannock every few months. Putting it out by the road would be great.

More education on how/why to recycle may help toget greater participation. Education on "precycling" is also greatlyneeded to help reduce the amount of trash we all have.

The perfect system

From: Frank A. Buckley


I favor curbside pickup of recyclables. I do not favor a central sorter. Each residence should be required to separate their waste into five separate partitions of a curbside container: glass; aluminum; iron and tin; plastic; and paper.

The paper bin should be bigger

than all the others added together.

In return, pickup should be free or at very low cost. We will all do it if that is the only way we can get our waste picked up.

The only penalty needed is for those, if any, who refuse to sort and who let their trash accumulate in unsanitary piles.

Local recycling plants can handle all but the paper. The paper can be shipped from Baltimore to China or Japan to be sold at a price to pay for shipping and handling.

All these things are done in other states, and they work.

Commercial waste should be handled in much the same way.

This is the perfect system, to be adopted without change.

Everyone can sort

From: Stephen, Elaine Mickel

Mandatory recycling is the way to go, with households and businesses required to sort glass, alu

minum and newsprint.

Curbside pickup is convenient and provides a visible show of community effort.

Warnings, followed by penalties, will be necessary to ensure that everyone complies.

Color-coded containers

From: B. Gelasno


Red, white and blue containers -- one for glass, one for paper, and one for metal cans.

Curbside pick-up is a must because people in generalare lazy.

Raise the lottery jackpot, people like to gamble, so give them an incentive to play more often. Since we already have a lottery, there should be not problem with taking the extra money receivedfrom people playing for the larger jackpot and applying it toward the $5 million for the cost of the machine.

Penalties? Yes, we only have this earth to live on, why trash it?

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