Around the house* Clean unlacquered brass. Moisten...


Around the house

* Clean unlacquered brass. Moisten a soft cloth with ammonia and buff metal weekly to keep shiny. Remove tarnish with a commercial cleaner. When cleaning antique brass, be sure to test product in a place where it won't show. Some preparations remove the patina of age as well as tarnish and corrosion.

* Keep hard-water stains and mildew at a minimum in shower enclosure. After each shower, wipe walls with a clean, dry towel to absorb excess moisture.

* Use fabric softeners sparingly when laundering towels. Excessive amounts can reduce the absorbency of the terry cloth.

* Wipe away dull film from glass shower doors. Saturate a soft cloth with white vinegar or water softener solution and wash off residue; buff with a dry cloth.

* Protect wood floors from a rocking chair. Place a strip o

adhesive tape along the bottom of each rocker.

In the garden

* When repotting small houseplants, use a shoehorn as a trowel.

* Clean metal blades of garden shovels, hoes and shears. Dul shears should be sharpened by a professional.

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