Last week, I urged you to write...


Last week, I urged you to write to President Bush and encourage him to support the Senate resolution designating April 15 as National Recycling Day.

This week, let's do it again. Keep up the pressure and send another round of letters to the president. Tell him to hold a press conference and announce his full support for Recycling Day and for making recycling a national priority. If you've misplaced the address, it is: The White House, Washington, D.C. 20500.

There's more to do this week, though. There are now 70 sponsors of the Senate resolution, so it's guaranteed passage. On the other hand, the House of Representatives' version of the National Recycling Day resolution has only 15 sponsors.

This resolution is being championed by Representative Robert Torricelli of New Jersey. According to his press secretary, "We expect it to pick up support as people learn more about the resolution. We're facing a solid waste disposal crisis in this country that threatens our environment, is wasting valuable resources, and may one day bury us in garbage."

It's important at this stage for your representative to know that you support National Recycling Day. The rule of thumb in Congress is that every personal letter or card received from a constituent represents 100 votes. Your voice counts.

If you don't know the name of your U.S. representative, call your local public library to find out. Then send your postcard to: (Your Representative), U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. 20515. Don't forget to mention the resolution number -- House Resolution 169.

An update

A few months ago I reported that despite its eco-claims, Bumble Bee Tuna was not considered "dolphin-safe" by Earth Island Institute. Good news: According to Earth Island's latest "Dolphin Alert": "In late February, Earth Island reached agreement with Bumble Bee Tuna and its parent company, Unichord of Thailand. Bumble Bee has now provided the assurances necessary to be considered a fully dolphin-safe company." For a free copy of Earth Island's Spring 1991 "Dolphin Alert," write to Earth Island Institute, 300 Broadway, Suite 28, San Francisco, Calif. 94133.

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