Head coach: Mark Stover (seventh season)

Assistants: Ken Kazmarekand Tim McMullen

1990 record: 11-9

Returnees: Seniors, Johnny Williams (P-IF-OF), Sean Tettemer (C), Brad Reinhart (3B-SS) and Chris Ricks (OF); juniors, Jeff Vincent (SS-P) and Matt Weimer (OF-P).

Newcomers: Senior, D. J. Stinard (UTIL); juniors, Tim Collins (OF-P) and Clif McCLain(OF); sophomore, Cahris Sutch (P).

Coach's outlook: "Every year we're very competitive and we end up just not getting quite enough hits, very similar to what's happened our first two games. But the kids are learning what it takes to get it done and I think in the long runwhen we come down toward the middle and end of the season, having experienced some of these type ballgames, that's going to help us. We've got some experienced players. We've got some kids who are three-sport athletes who went through a real rough stretch in soccer, then made it to the state championship game. A lot of these kids, like Vincent, Weimer, Williams and Tettemer went through soccer, then basketball, and now they're going through baseball. Even though it's a different sport, I think they have gotten to the point where they know what it takes and they've experienced the pressure that they're going to be under in those situations. They know how to handle it."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Broadneck's 0-2 start shouldn't warrant muchconcern. The team will improve as the season progresses, and in the end, it again will be on the threshold of a playoff berth. Place the Bruins in the "second tier," with the other teams that just fall short of Old Mill and Arundel.


Head coach: Elliot Harvey (sixth season)

Assistants: Walt Puller and Rich Terry

1990 record: 4-14

Returnees: Seniors, Chris Botulinski (P-1B), Lance Taylor (1B), Mike Brogden (CF), Quinn Huggins (OF), David Beck (OF-P) andLarry Sancomb (SS).

Newcomers: Juniors, Kevin Powell (OF), Jay Twardowski (C), Danny DuVall (3B) and Ian Taylor (IF).

Coach's outlook: "My main focus this year is to cut down errors, which killed us last year. We also need to start getting the crucial hitting that we missed last season. You put those two factors together, and that's whywe lost so many games last season. It's just our luck that we got placed in the toughest division (Friendship), but anywhere you play in the county is tough. We don't have the best team speed in the world, so hopefully, we'll capitalize on the other team's mistakes. We're going to be depending a lot on the arms of Botulinski and Taylor. If weget the pitching that we need, I think we go at least .500. That's our team's goal this season, to crack .500. We have a good, positive attitude with intentions of winning every game that we play. Hopefully, this attitude will carry us a long way."

Anne Arundel County Sunoutlook: If this past Monday's 6-5 win over a traditionally tough Broadneck nine is any indication, the Mustangs may be one of the dark horses in the 4A league. Meade has a number of natural athletes who might come together as the season wears on. Harvey's prediction of a .500 season may become a reality.


Head coach: Larry Brogden (17th season)

Assistants: Bobby Lamb and Joe Kirby

1990 record: 6-13

Returnees: Seniors, Mark Fearing (P-SS) and DarylFoote (1B-OF); junior, Ty Selby (C); sophomore, Matt Criscimagna (OF).

Newcomers: Seniors, Sean Tipton (P) and Kurt Walhstrom (IF); juniors, Rich Carrion (3B), Anthony Dove (OF), Todd Greene (OF), Caron Johnson (3B-C-P), Brian Roberts (1B), Ryan Kapusta (P), Jason Smith (OF), Robert Rouiselle (OF) and Eric Johnson (C); sophomore, Chad Hartman (2B).

Coach's outlook: "Once again, this will be a rebuilding year for us. I know we're going to lose a few games, but I think we can learn a lot from them. We have some pretty talented athletes on the club, and I know that I'll enjoy working with them throughout the season. This is the most team speed we've had here at Annapolis for a long time, and I'm very impressed with the outfielders. They should be very solid this year. Pitching will be our big question mark because we have several untested arms. Our overall team defense needs to improve as well. I think the key for us will be how long it takes the youngsters on the team to come around. As to how far we'll go, I really don't have an answer."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: With 10 juniors -- nine who have no varsity experience -- Brogden finds himself in a tough position this year. It might take most of these playersa while to get untracked, but if they rise to the occasion, the Panthers may have a frightening club next year. As for this year, chancesare they will take their lumps in the rugged 4A League.


Head coach: Bernie Walter (18th season)

Assistants: Nick Jauschnegg and Tut O'Hara

1990 record: 17-5, lost to Old Mill in the region finals

Returnees: Seniors, Dusty Oldfather (C), Scott Penland (1B), Dale Simcox (1B), Scott Young (SS), Rodney Stephens (OF), Doug Stern (OF), Eric Hontz (CF), A. J. Trout (RF), Larry Dobson (DH), Jeff Beard (P) and Chris Tutas (P); junior, Chris Durocher (3B-P); sophomore, Shawn Crews (3B).

Newcomers: Juniors, Trey Overstreet (2B), Brian Nehman (IF), Jason Radford (IF), Curt Odar (C), Brian Rolocut (P), Eric Lodge (P) and Zach Collins (P).

Coach's outlook: "The experience that we have on this team will be very helpful. We have some kids who've been on the varsity for three years, and they've turned into some good players. We're very deep on the bench, so if we have a lot of injuries during the season, I think we would be able to overcome them. Not only are we deep on the bench, but we're deep in pitching talent as well. Our defense during the first two games has been outstanding. I think it's the best defense I've ever seen in high school ball. Our base running and is good and will be better as the season goes on. Our hitting has only been average, but it'll get better. We've produced enough runs so far to win both games, and that's what counts."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: With the depth of this year's team, look for the Wildcats to take their customary spot in postseason play. Once they reach the playoffs, they'll have to contend with nemesis Old Mill. A definite threat to unseat the Patriots as region champs.


Head coach: Bruce Sider (11th season)

Assistant: Allan Saminosky

1990 record: 11-9

Returnees: Seniors, Brian Nevin (P-OF), Lee Kinzler (IF-OF), Nick Hynson (SS), John Stevenson (OF), Gordon Hawley (P-1B) and Robert Weber (C).

Newcomers: Juniors, Shane Cavey (OF), Shannon Cavey (P-SS), David Lanham (2B), Justin Slade (P-1B), John Wehn (3B), Jason Soistman (C) andShawn Chester (OF); sophomores, Robert Rogers (P-3B) and Eddie Malley (P-OF); freshman, Keith Volkman (P-1B).

Coach's outlook: "I think we have the potential to be competitive in the league, with an outside chance at making the playoffs. I think our pitching will hold us close enough in games where we'll have the opportunity to win them. It all depends on whether we produce enough offense to score enough runs to win, and if our defense holds up. (Tuesday), we opened against Chesapeake and they scored five runs in the sixth inning because of our physical mistakes and we lost, 8-5. I was pleased with our hitting. We made pretty good contact. But the big question is whether we canhit the pitching in this league."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Graduation stripped the Gophers of most of their offense, so run production is Sider's principal headache. Judging from last year's numbers, there isn't much clout there. Nevin and the other hurlers are under pressure to keep the opposition at bay. It seems unlikely Glen Burnie will match last year's victory total, unless Sider unearths a couple of strong bats from his crop of newcomers.


Head coach: Bob Dill (third season)

Assistants: Bernie Williams and Willie Domingues

1990 record: 10-9, lost to Old Mill in first round of regional playoffs

Returnees: Seniors, Derek Hasselhof (RHP-SS), Sean Sesney (3B-RHP), Paul McKenzie (CF), Rick Prestidge (OF), Steve Mellynchuk (3B), Jeff Young (1B), Nic Coulbourn (C), Dana Seidman (RF), Mike Storm (2B) and Jason Pellegrini (OF); juniors, Mike O'Brien (LF), Tim Wilde (C), Jimmy Wolfe (RHP) and Jason Siemer (RHP-IF).

Newcomers: Senior, Dave Marshall (IF); juniors, John Young (SS-2B), Bobby Conrad (OF), Jamie Robertson (OF) and Derryle Keith (IF-RHP).

Coach's outlook: "I think we'll go as far as our pitching takesus. We have decent pitching, and right now our pitching is ahead of our hitting. We have pretty good chemistry. Everyone gets along good,they work hard and they're focused on their goals."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Chesapeake wasn't exactly devastated by graduation, but the Cougars do have some man-size shoes to fill with the departure of first-team All-County outfield selection Frank Billings (.500). The Cougars have two proven starters in senior right-handers Hasselhof and Sesney but will need some offensive support if they are to earn one of the four regional playoff berths. On the mound or at his alternate post at shortstop, Hasselhof, who batted .455 last year, provides the Cougars with an offensive threat each time he steps to the plate.


Head coach: Jim Pitt (22nd season)

Assistants: Kevin McGrath and Joe Gillespie

1990 record: 10-10

Returnees: Seniors, Mark Budzinski (OF), Steve Foreman (P), John McManus (3B), Nate Scheck (OF) and Wes Zimmerman (C); juniors, Rob McCandless (P), Steve Neuberger (OF) and J. J. Novak (RF-2B).

Newcomers:Seniors, Glen Shiring (P), Mike Stegall (2B) and Andy Winters (OF); juniors, John Milisitz (C), Wally Pisarski (1B) and Todd Grady (OF); sophomores, Alan Baker (SS), Roy Dietrich (1B) and Byron Druzgal (P-3B); freshman, Sean Miller (C-OF).

Coach's outlook: "Without question, I think we have an excellent shot at the playoffs. We're just starting to get things together. We still have a fairly young ballclub, and as the season winds down, I think we have an excellent chance to make the playoffs. Without question, team speed is our strength. Thisis the fastest team I've ever coached. Ideally, I'd like to have a combination of both speed and power, but this is one of the few years I've coached where we just don't have a power hitter. It's an entirely different ballclub. But we've got enough firepower that we can stayin every ballgame."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: If McCandless and Foreman turn in strong seasons on the mound, the Falcons most certainly will be in every game. Defense needs to tighten up. Lack of raw power shouldn't be major concern. This group will score runs. Another valid playoff possibility.


Head coach: Chuck Crandell (first season)

Assistant: Doug Wintermute

1990 record: 2-16

Returnees: Junior, Andrew Dawson (P-OF); sophomore, Jemal Wallace (2B-P).

Newcomers: Seniors, Quinton Ryan (OF) and Ed Freeman (CF); junior, Troy King (P); sophomores, Chris Inzor (C), Billy McGee (3B-2B), Kirt Rogers (1B), Brennan Redmond (SS), David Zisconti (RF) and Chris Bush (P); freshman, Wayne Small (OF).

Coach's outlook: "We've had two games and lost both of them to Wilde Lake and Atholton, but we only lost to Wilde Lake, 5-2, in extra innnings. I want to try and build some respectability and I think we've done that afterthe first two games. I firmly believe that we can be competitive with just about everyone around. There will no doubt be some more close games this year where our inexperience could hurt us, but I'm lookingto win a few of those games."

Anne Arundel County Sun's outlook: As the junior varsity coach last year, Crandell started the foundation for a team that he hopes will help to reverse the losing tradition that has plagued past Bulldogs baseball squads which -- over the pastsix years -- have accumulated a 7-94 record. Southern should improveon last year's record, but at best will finish at .500 this season. The junior varsity squad, already 2-0, is laying the groundwork for the future of Southern baseball. And with just one starting senior, two returning starters and eight starting underclassmen, the future is where success lies for Crandell and Southern baseball.


Head coach: Ken Dunn (14th season)

Assistants: Lenny Marseron, Steve Rose and Toby Loffin

1990 record: 5-15

Returnees: Seniors, Woody Marseron (DH), Mike Mazzola (RF), Brian Hutson (P-CF),Jeff Schropp (SS), Chris Kirk (P) and R.J. Dobson (P); juniors, Albert Lee (P-OF-SS), Kevin Richardson (C-1B), Ricky Brookman (2B), JimmyWilson (OF-IF-P-C), Jon Bolster (1B-OF), David Kenny (OF), Jerry Mullens (OF), Billy Long (P-IF), Danny Bold (OF) and Gabe Scallone (1B).

Newcomers: Seniors, Mike Faery (P-OF), Jason Britton (3B-OF); sophomore, Greg Sears (C); freshman, Kevin Dove (P-IF).

Coach's outlook: "We've already lost to Hammond, 10-0, and last year we lost to Wilde Lake, Spalding and Northeast. Those are our first four games thisyear so we'll know how much we've improved since last year. Nine or 10 of the players started at least once or got a lot of playing time last year. Our kids have a lot of confidence in their abilities. They're fielding well, and the pitching is coming along."

Anne ArundelCounty Sun's outlook: Hammond, among the area's top-ranked teams, may have handed the Seahawks their heads, but the Seahawks rebounded with a 5-4 victory over Wilde Lake High Wednesday, which was a confidence booster. The Seahawks may struggle early against county competition, but with seven returning starters, they have the potential for marked improvement. Lee, Richardson and Hutson return after seasons in which they batted above .300. The Seahawks have no No. 1 pitcher, but several players -- including Lee and Hutson -- are vying for it.


Head coach: Mel Montgomery (13th season)

Assistants: Rod Williams and Mike Rose

1990 record: 19-4, lost to High Point in state semifinals

Returnees: Seniors, Eric Scott (SS-P), JohnBussey (C), Doug Stockman (P), Jim Simms (OF), William Beverly (CF) and Mike Nappier (OF-P).

Newcomers: Juniors, Mark Bailey (C-IF) and Mike Mahoney (DH-OF); sophomores, Lee Haney (P-OF) and Brian Jones (1B).

Coach's outlook: "Right now, I'd say we're somewhere betweenthe 1989 and 1990 teams. I don't see power all the way through like in '90, but we have a better combination of seniors and sophomores. We have six sophomores on the ballclub, which is more than we've ever had. And we have 11 seniors. There's a good mix of upperclassmen and lower-classmen. And we have better balance, guys who can do more things. We have the potential to be a pretty good team. We have five pitchers back that combined for 19 wins last year. And with our three bighitters back -- Bussey, Scott and Beverly -- we look pretty good."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Pretty good? This group should emerge as the best in the county, with a shot at avenging last year's state semifinal loss. Stockman is a proven winner on the mound, as are the others who make up the staff. And the trio of Scott, Bussey and Beverly will supply plenty of offense. A key is Bussey's move from second base to catcher. The Patriots were hit hard by graduation, but the holdovers will hit hard enough to compensate. Pencil in the Patriots as the top seed in the region playoffs, with Arundel breathing downtheir necks.


Head coach: Tom Lind (first season)

Assistant: Mike Locastro

1990 record: 9-12

Returnees: Seniors, Charlie Becker (C) and Bill Barth (OF); junior, Pat Calobrese (P-IF); sophomores, Jeff Paxton (P-2B), Mickey Wist (2B-SS), Tom Riley(3B) and Edgar Wright (1B).

Newcomers: Senior, Pat Legg (1B); juniors, John Hall (IF), Gary Nyland (1B), Fabian Dilaimy (C-OF), Matt Blevins (OF), Ray Paquin (OF) and Brian Barth (UTIL).

Coach's outlook: "I don't really know where we stand at this point. I'm still learning the players' names. I saw Mount St. Joe play four or five times last year and I know how competitive the (Maryland Scholastic Association A Conference) is. We're about three good players away from beinga solid ballclub. We have three decent pitchers but they're not world-beaters. We have to face teams like Calvert Hall and Mount St. Joe on a regular basis and that will be difficult with only three pitchers. I hope we can win as many conference games as we did last year. I haven't seen a lot of the other teams, so we could be just as good asthem. We're going to the best we can and we're not going to give up."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Archbishop Spalding started like wildfire last year before smoldering under the pressure of the highly competitive A Conference. The Cavaliers are in desperate need of some direction this season after losing not only several key players to graduation but their first-year coach (Steve Miller) as well. The less Lind knows about the Cavs at this point, the better.


Head coach: Harry Lentz (24th season)

Assistants: Al Kohlhafer, Ed Gole and John Barbour

1990 record: 22-1; won 3A/2A/1A league title; lost to Edgewood in Class 2A state semifinals.

Returnees: Seniors, Charlie Buckheit (P), Craig Everett (P-CF), Russ Curry (1B), Shawn Royston (RF), Don Shump (3B) and Jamie Barnett (LF); junior, Rick Spiegel (C).

Newcomers: Juniors, Derek Dolch (DH-OF-P), JoeHoyer (SS), K. C. Murphy (2B), Chad O'Brien (IF-OF) and Scott Rey (IF-OF).

Coach's outlook: "We're playing the toughest schedule we'veever played. I don't know if we can get to 22-0 again but I think the team feels like we're going to have a good year. I think it's goingto be an exciting brand of baseball that we play. We'll be all rightif Buckheit and the second and third pitchers hold up. We're just aiming to win the Class 3A/2A league and get to the playoffs again."

Anne Arundel County Sun's outlook: The Eagles are a virtual shoo-in to take the county's Class 3A/2A crown again this year and if they don't make the playoffs this season, it will be for the first time since 1978. Lentz has taken his clubs into the postseason every year except 1977 and 1978 and should do it again, barring a minor upset. Shump(a 19-3 pitching record in three years), Everett (4-0 on the mound last year), Royston and Curry all batted above .300 and contributed atleast 20 RBI apiece last year. It will be up to them to provide leadership for a team determined to erase the memory of the end of last season.


Head coach: Don Usewick (first season)

Assistants: Jack Conley and Al Pindell

1990 record: Andover was 7-13; Brooklyn Park was 9-11.

Returnees: Seniors, Will Scott (2B), John Ray (P-OF), Hank Norris (C), Jon Finan (OF-P), Mike Strauss (SS), Tyrone Brooks (1B-OF) and Brian Maher (OF); junior, John Bilheimer (OF); sophomore, Wayne Clark (P-3B).

Newcomers: Juniors, Chris Mitchell (1B-DH), Wally Booth (3B-P), Randy Thomas (P-IF), Robbie Miller (C) and David Brown (1B); sophomore, T. J. Hall (P-SS).

Coach's outlook: "We're setting out to be one of the top four teams in the playoffs, but what slot we fall into I'm not yet sure of. I definitely feel we'll be contenders. We've got strong defense, and we've got depth in pitching. Right now, team power is lacking. We don't have a true power hitter but we do have good speed. We'll do whatever we haveto do to score some runs. We're not going to overwhelm people with our power but we have good single and double hitters."

Anne ArundelCounty Sun outlook: The Brooklyn Park and Andover baseball teams produced a combined record of 16-24 last year, but the merging of the returning talent from both squads should make North County an immediateforce in the county's 4A league. What the Knights lack in power theymake up for in depth and balance. Scott's bat and Ray's arm could lead the first-year school into postseason contention. Then watch as itmakes a first-round departure from the playoffs.


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