All right, sports fans, I've got a truckload of "Q's & A's" to put in your Easter basket.

Don't forget to give me a call on the 24-hour Sportsline, 647-2499, this holiday weekend with your own big "Q" orresponse to any of the questions without answers below.

Let's start with probably the most important "Q" of all -- Are you aware that today is the final day for the All-County Academic-Athletic Team applications and that they be must be in our office before 5p.m. or postmarked today?

We will announce the 12 boys and 12 girls selected for the ninth annual Academic-Athletic Team sometime in April. They'll be honored at a dinner on Thursday, May 2, at the Ramada Inn in Annapolis.

As usual, the dinner will be in conjunction with the Anne Arundel Trade Council.

* Don't a lot of us hope that Annapolis High will announce after next Wednesday's very important meeting of the Panther Boosters, Faculty Council and Citizens Advisory Council that the school is going to name either the football field or gymnasium after late coach Al Laramore?

"We definitely need to do something at the school, but I'm not sure that naming the field afterAl is the proper thing to do," said Annapolis athletic director FredStauffer this week.

"I don't know if that would give him the proper recognition that he

deserves in a share type of thing with Mr. Ensor. That's my concern. What is that field going to be called when somebody writes or talks about that field? Is it going to be LaramoreField or Richard G. Ensor Stadium?

"Will the memory of one of those two gentlemen be lost if we try to include both names in that samefacility?"

Hopefully not, and any reporter or anyone else who aims to be accurate certainly would call it by its proper name if Laramore's name was added. It would properly be referred to as: Richard G. Ensor Panther Stadium -- Al Laramore Field.

Ensor was the former Annapolis High principal who died several years ago after suffering injuries in an auto crash. His wife, Veronica Ensor King, is on record as saying that she and her family would not object to Laramore's namebeing annexed and thinks it's a good idea.

While Stauffer is not in favor of the football field where Laramore, who coached several sports, made his biggest impression, the majority of the Panther coaches want it. Head football coach Roy Brown and one of his assistants, Billy Phebus, have formed "The Friends of Al Laramore" in hopes of lobbying for the field to be named after Laramore.

Such a much-deserved honor would mean a lot to Laramore's wife, Dorothy, and their two sons, Dan and Dave, who patiently have waited more than two years forsomething to happen.

"Maybe keeping silent and staying out of this was the right thing, maybe not," said Dorothy Laramore. "Al and ourfamily gave our lives to Annapolis High, and that's where his name belongs.

"I don't agree with putting his name on the community parkat Bates which was old Annapolis High. That's not Al Laramore. Annapolis High is and Annapolis will always be dear to our hearts."

Unfortunately, the Laramores really have no say in this whole thing and have to hope that justice is served.

* A scholarship fund has beenestablished and a benefit alumni basketball doubleheader and a golf outing set up, but is North County High going to name its gym after the late Dick Hart?

Hart was the only hoop coach Andover High ever had in its 30-year existence, and North County is now housed in that building and is in the community where the man lived and coached. Hart was to be the Knights' first coach this year, but his failing health that resulted in his recent death prevented him from coaching.

*Guess who is Broadneck's new junior-varsity baseball coach? How about the man who started the program in 1982 and is the Bruins' athleticdirector?

Yes, Tim McMullen, who won state baseball championshipsat Brooklyn Park (1980) and Broadneck in its first varsity season (1983), is the new coach.

"David Brown (sophomore pitcher on the '83state champion), who played here, coached our JV last year, but because of his job hours (he is a physical therapist) couldn't get off intime to coach," said McMullen. "So, Mark (Stover, head baseball coach) asked me, and I'm having a lot of fun.

"It's a great break fromthe regular grind to get out there with the kids again."

McMullenturned the reins over to Stover, who was then the Bruins' JV coach, in 1985.

* Did you know that former Chesapeake High star pitcher and 1983 Anne Arundel County Sun Baseball Player of the Year Steve Monson, who is pitching in the Milwaukee Brewers' farm system, appears in the April issue of National Geographic?

No foolin'. National Geographic did a bit on minor-league baseball and highlighted Brewer farmhands, and Monson is in there in color. Also, Johnny's of Baltimore 20-and-under team manager Walter Youse, the scout who signed Monson, appears as well.

* What about the mandatory four stick checks per game (two each team) in boys lacrosse? Should the state drop the newly adopted NCAA rule?

"It's ridiculous," says Annapolis coach Dan Hart. "There is so much stoppage of time that is unfair to the fans and players.

"In our game with Arundel one check took eight to 10 minutes. It's just a ridiculous situation."

* Didn't St. Mary's assistant lacrosse coach and Annapolis administrator Mike Codd do a greatjob on United Cable as an analyst on the Arundel/Annapolis game?

* Has there ever been anyone more deserving of a testimonial dinner than softball guru Jack Crandell, the man who built girls softball in this county with his windmill pitching clinics?

The testimonial isset for Saturday, May 4. Call Joe Cunningham at 255-8932.

* Did you know that the Kerry Bruce-coached Chesapeake boys gymnastics team's 142.5-130.7 victory over Arundel on Wednesday with Melvin Long leading the way was the first ever for the Cougars over the Wildcats? Didyou know that 142.5 points was a school record?

* Have you official types heard that the Golden Triangle Officials Association is looking for softball umpires for the upcoming season, and you can call Ron Smith at 360-9619 or Greg March at 360-9619 to sign up?

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